April 29, 1767

1767 April 29 (Wednesday).  Miss Mary Bradish here and says Mr. Martyn has a bad fever.  I would fain visit, but am not able for want of an Horse.  Mr. Timothy Warrin here and very uneasy — says I have broke the Agreement etc.  Tells me he did save a Copy of the Paper, whereas I thought all was burnt.  This I judge to be very disingenuous.  Talks of having his Wife sworn before squire Taylor.  Mr. Wheelock here, and nails a sacking of [Bedstead?] etc.  P.M. Mr. Hutchinson and Capt. Brooks from Council at Newbury.  Messenger from Mr. Michael Martyn to have me go over.  They fear his Father will not live out the Night.  Mr. Wheelock lends his Horse and I went.  Found Mr. Martyn extreme bad — just knew me and called me by my name, but has been delirious ever since yesterday noon.  A most sorrowful House!  Dr. Dexter at night — gives him over.  We prayed.  I went to Bed.