April 26, 1767

1767 April 26 (Sunday).  By Reason of Mr. Cushings coming yesterday and taking up so much Time upon that Affair; I could not prepare the designed afternoon Sermon: for I found, I was too faint and feeble to follow it late and early as it would require, to finish it.  Read Isa. 53.  Delivered an Exercise on Rev. 5.9 by help of Some parts of Sermon on Eph. 1.7, viz. from page 8 to 22 omitting Several intervening.  Mr. Martyn is ill, and several of his Family and Flock were at meeting here.  Administered the Lords supper.  Messrs. John and Michael Martyn, Mr. Cushing and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. read Joh. 18.  Preached on 1 Pet. 2.9, former part.  At Eve repeated as usual, in the Family, part of the Exercise of the Day.