April 21, 1767

1767 April 21 (Tuesday).  Mr. Whitney having told me last night that Capt. Wood, old Mr. Rice and others, understood me to affirm to them that all the paper was true (which to affirm, contradicts the Agreement with Warrin) I first went up to them and told them carefully how I was to be understood: and gave Capt. Wood in writing, how I would have it stand.  Then rode down to Mr. Andrews, but there was little success.  His Demands were high.  I offered to leave our Difference to Three judicious Men: but he refused my Offer.  I mentioned Coming with two Brethren.  He said I might come with two, or with Every One.  I offered again (Mr. Seth Woods was by) reasonable and Christian satisfaction and then left him to go to Ministers Meeting.  Called at Mr. Edmund Brighams.  Rode in the Rain through Marlborough.  Called at Capt. Barnards — arrived at Mr. Goss’s seasonably to dine.  There were Mr. Loring, Martyn, Smith and Steward.  I could not say much of my Difficultys as the Circumstances of my Case now were: but asked their Sympathy and prayers.  Lodged at Mr. Goss’s with Mr. Loring.