April 14, 1767

1767 April 14 (Tuesday).  Deacon Bond came to count the money of the Contribution.  It was £17.6 old Tenor.  I was informed that some body had made Complaint to the Grand Juryman of Southborough.  I rode to Mr. Martyns to talk with him upon my Difficultys.  Dined there.  Mrs. Wit of Marlborough and Mr. John Marrett, there also.  Mr. Marrett gave me his Order to pay Mr. Daniel Forbes 13 lb. 6.8 L.M.  They have a Church Meeting about Mr. Allen and Mrs. Rice.  In coming home called at Squire Whipples to consult him.  Though he is friendly and comforting, yet The Storm seems to increase more and more.  It takes away my rest by night, and fills me with much Distress.  The Lord look upon me in my sore Affliction!  At Eve was at Capt. Woods to solemnize the Marriage of Mr. Nathan Townshend and Miss Sally Putnam.