April 15, 1767

1767 April 15 (Wednesday).  Richard Temple lodges here last night.  This morning sows peas for me.  I agree with him to come next Monday to live with me four Months for 55£ old Tenor.  Mr. Jonas Bradish, with old Mr. Rice, Capt. Wood and my son John, goe to the Southermost Bounds of the Pine Field — and lays out some Land there, to be added to my 13 Acres and 14 Rods.  In Coming home Mr. Tainter overtakes me, and we have Discourse of my present Difficultys and what to do for my Extricating.  Says he will be friendly to the utmost he can consistent with what is right and fit.  P.M. Mrs. Maynard and her sister Betty here.  Mr. Daniel Forb. Pays £100 old Tenor by Mr. Marritts Means.