April 20, 1767

1767 April 20 (Monday).  Wrote to Billy by Mr. Joseph Perry of Ashburnham.  Mr. Jonas Bradish here, and I trade with him for two Lots of Cedar Swamp, lying one of them within (as he says) about 40 Rods of his House; containing about an acre and half; for 10£ old Tenor.  The other is part of Moskito Swamp containing about 9 Acres, 6 acres of which is Cedar, the rest Ash etc. for 25£ old tenor.  Richard Temple comes from Framingham to live with me four months for 55£ old Tenor.  Mr. Whitney here at Evening and has a fervent mind for peace.  Advises me to go to Mr. A. my Self and know what will satisfie him etc.  Capt. Maynard here and we Settle the Interest to this Day.  And he gives me a [illegible] note for it, viz. £144.15.0 old Tenor.