April 6, 1767

1767 April 6 (Monday).  Drew up some Account of Deacon Tainter, and delivered it to Mr. Daniel Whitney of Watertown, to carry it to a printer.  Delivered to Mr. Simon Tainter, at his, and his Brother Warrins Desire Sundry Papers of the late Deacon Tainters — which I acquainted the Executor with, and he said he would endeavour that they Should be returned to me again, till the Will was proved etc.  Capt. Jonas Brigham here, disquieted about the Case of Mrs. Warrin — and about Mrs. Andrews’s.  I assured him it was not my Mind or Desire to say or do any Thing that Should invalidate the Agreement which the Warrins and I had made.  I owned there might be Some Mistake, as the Paper says.  I prayed him to join in Endeavours to restore Peace; and particularly that the Andrews’s and I might make up what was particularly between us — and then when we have accomplished That, we might do what is necessary about Churches or Ministers.  I asked him if he would accept of a kind loving Visit — and he accepted of it readily, and wished me to come — etc. etc.  Mr. Moore came from N. Shrewsbury and brought a Letter from Mr. Morse.  Mr. Cushing here at Eve and Supps with us.