April 2, 1767

1767 April 2 (Thursday).  Enoch Rice works a.m.; he sows Hay seed which I had of Mr. Phin. Hardy on 3 Acres of the Island; and spreads muck.  John droops again.  Brigham here yet.  My dear Friend and Brother Deacon Simon Tainter dyed!  He expired about 11 o’Clock a.m.  May God sanctify this Death in a peculiar Manner to Me and Mine.  Though my good Deacon is gone, yet God, who is All-sufficient, lives and is unchangeable for ever.  Held a Catechetical Exercise.  The morning rainy, and Some Girls who used to attend, are taken up at Deacon Tainters, So that I had but few.  10 of Others and 4 from my House.  We began at, What is required in the 8th Commandment, and I delivered an Exposition from my sermon on the Commandments (Exod. xx.15 from p. 2 bottom to p. 6, then p. 58 to 64, then from p. 6 several pages, and recapitulated much more).  Mrs. Anna Marbel, wife of Mr. Jonathan Marble of Grafton, desires that two Children, Henry who lives at Neighbour Newtons, and Anna that lives at Mr. Daniel Millers, may be baptized.  N.B. I wrote a Paper for reconcilement with Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, which I communicated to Mr. Cushing.  He lodges here.  Have the News of the Act for incorporating Ashby.