April 23, 1767

1767 April 23 (Thursday).  Mr. Daniel Forbes here — very ready to help forward peace.  My Heart very full of Trouble, apprehensive of the Event of the Meeting to Day.  Hear that Mr. Eliezer Rice of Shrewsbury, dyed yesterday.  Mr. Fish and his wife came and dined with us.  He preached my Lecture on Heb. 13.1.  A very Seasonable, useful Sermon and I hope it had some good Effect upon us.  After Lecture I stayed the Church to read the Warren agreement.  Begun with prayer — read the Agreement and I added something about my reading the paper.  The Church voted acceptance and Satisfaction included in a Vote to have the Communion.  Deacon Bond asked a Question upon my Answering which, Mr. W. went out, and took his Wife with him.  I mentioned to the Church the Electing another Deacon — and that they would urge the members of other Churches, who dwell among us, to get their Dismissions.  Finally, we broke up in some Pleasant Harmony.  To God be Glory!  But Mr. Warrin after Meeting is extremely uneasy, and talks unbecomingly.  N.B. Capt. Brigham consents to go with some other Brother to A______’s and See of they can mollifie him: and I agree (God willing) to go this Day Sennight.  I ask Mr. Fish to go then with Me; who consents.  As the Vote at Meeting abovesaid was so general (except Capt. Brigham, and I am not certain of any other who did not vote or consent), we were very chearful and amicable afterward compared with what I feared.  But God has granted us this Favour!  Glory to His Name!  May He still restrain, preserve and deliver us!