April 1, 1767

1767 April 1 (Wednesday).  Miss Bridget Cushing came (by help of her Brother John) to tarry a little while.  Capt. Baker of Bolton comes with an Horse for me to go to Deacon.  Find him very low; Dr. Darling and Dr. Ball there and do all that in them lies — but strive in vain to put up his Bowels into place.  Excrements (as tis conceived) are voided at his Mouth.  Prayed with him.  Mr. Andrews being there I gave the Deacon an Hint to exhort him to peace — which he did, and both of us: and was much in Exhortation to all.  Parted with him very Solemnly.

April 2, 1767

1767 April 2 (Thursday).  Enoch Rice works a.m.; he sows Hay seed which I had of Mr. Phin. Hardy on 3 Acres of the Island; and spreads muck.  John droops again.  Brigham here yet.  My dear Friend and Brother Deacon Simon Tainter dyed!  He expired about 11 o’Clock a.m.  May God sanctify this Death in a peculiar Manner to Me and Mine.  Though my good Deacon is gone, yet God, who is All-sufficient, lives and is unchangeable for ever.  Held a Catechetical Exercise.  The morning rainy, and Some Girls who used to attend, are taken up at Deacon Tainters, So that I had but few.  10 of Others and 4 from my House.  We began at, What is required in the 8th Commandment, and I delivered an Exposition from my sermon on the Commandments (Exod. xx.15 from p. 2 bottom to p. 6, then p. 58 to 64, then from p. 6 several pages, and recapitulated much more).  Mrs. Anna Marbel, wife of Mr. Jonathan Marble of Grafton, desires that two Children, Henry who lives at Neighbour Newtons, and Anna that lives at Mr. Daniel Millers, may be baptized.  N.B. I wrote a Paper for reconcilement with Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, which I communicated to Mr. Cushing.  He lodges here.  Have the News of the Act for incorporating Ashby.

April 5, 1767

1767 April 5 (Sunday).  I read Isa. 51.  Preached a.m. on Occasion of the sorrowful Death, on 1 Thess. 4.13.  Read also v. 14, but could not handle that.  Capt. Tainter and his Sisters, Hastings and Whitney, dined here.  P.M. read Joh. 16 and gathered up from divers parts of sermon on Isa. 57.1.2, a Discourse on the same mournful Occasion, and Subjoined some Character of the Deacon.  And wish it may be without Offence, and profitable!

April 6, 1767

1767 April 6 (Monday).  Drew up some Account of Deacon Tainter, and delivered it to Mr. Daniel Whitney of Watertown, to carry it to a printer.  Delivered to Mr. Simon Tainter, at his, and his Brother Warrins Desire Sundry Papers of the late Deacon Tainters — which I acquainted the Executor with, and he said he would endeavour that they Should be returned to me again, till the Will was proved etc.  Capt. Jonas Brigham here, disquieted about the Case of Mrs. Warrin — and about Mrs. Andrews’s.  I assured him it was not my Mind or Desire to say or do any Thing that Should invalidate the Agreement which the Warrins and I had made.  I owned there might be Some Mistake, as the Paper says.  I prayed him to join in Endeavours to restore Peace; and particularly that the Andrews’s and I might make up what was particularly between us — and then when we have accomplished That, we might do what is necessary about Churches or Ministers.  I asked him if he would accept of a kind loving Visit — and he accepted of it readily, and wished me to come — etc. etc.  Mr. Moore came from N. Shrewsbury and brought a Letter from Mr. Morse.  Mr. Cushing here at Eve and Supps with us.

April 8, 1767

1767 April 8 (Wednesday).  Town Meeting to reconsider the Vote about the place of the Work-House, and to Vote to have it stand near the Stables, before my House.  Upon discerning men there viewing the Ground I went out and Spoke to them and at the Motion of several I went in to the Meeting House and remonstrated against it, and prayed them to set it otherwhere.  They reconsidered their Vote and placed it where it was voted at first.

April 10, 1767

1767 April 10 (Friday).  Capt. Wood and Mr. Ebenezer Maynard kill an Hog for me, which weighs 225 lbs.  Capt. Wood asks me in Mr. Barretts Name to assist in a Fast at Hopkinton next Monday.  P.M. Richard Temple comes, and offers himself to live with me 4 months for 55£ old Tenor.  He dines and goes to work awhile, and I pay him for it.  Mr. Seth Morse here to talk with me about Mrs. Warrins Case.  He informs me of Conversation he was in of late at Mr. Manassah Hows in Southborough, Coll. Taylor being also present, etc. etc.  This gives Ground for Apprehensions.

April 12, 1767

1767 April 12 (Sunday).  Preached at Southborough a. and p.m. on 2 Cor. 4.18, last Clause.  P.M. baptized Octavia, Daughter of Joel Matthews; and Charlotte, daughter of Asahel and [blank] Matthews.  Mr. Stone returned home at Eve.  I tarried at Southborough.  Mr. Stones Texts were a.m. Ps. 8.1 [blank] and p.m. Ps. 51.17.

April 13, 1767

1767 April 13 (Monday).  Consult Mr. Stone upon the threatning aspects in Westborough.  Rode over to Hopkinton to the Fast at the Widow Gibsons where a.m. Mr. Barrett prayed and Mr. Fish preached on Joh. 11.43.  We retired at noon to Mr. Jacob Chamberlins, and were refreshed.  P.M. I prayed, and preached on Ps. 62.8.  The Occasion of the Fast was, her little son, of 6 years of Age, was delirious.  I returned home.  From time to Time my Troubles increase.  Mr. Samuel Thurston works here for Mr. Daniel Miller — plowing with my Oxen and Capt. Woods.

April 14, 1767

1767 April 14 (Tuesday).  Deacon Bond came to count the money of the Contribution.  It was £17.6 old Tenor.  I was informed that some body had made Complaint to the Grand Juryman of Southborough.  I rode to Mr. Martyns to talk with him upon my Difficultys.  Dined there.  Mrs. Wit of Marlborough and Mr. John Marrett, there also.  Mr. Marrett gave me his Order to pay Mr. Daniel Forbes 13 lb. 6.8 L.M.  They have a Church Meeting about Mr. Allen and Mrs. Rice.  In coming home called at Squire Whipples to consult him.  Though he is friendly and comforting, yet The Storm seems to increase more and more.  It takes away my rest by night, and fills me with much Distress.  The Lord look upon me in my sore Affliction!  At Eve was at Capt. Woods to solemnize the Marriage of Mr. Nathan Townshend and Miss Sally Putnam.

April 15, 1767

1767 April 15 (Wednesday).  Richard Temple lodges here last night.  This morning sows peas for me.  I agree with him to come next Monday to live with me four Months for 55£ old Tenor.  Mr. Jonas Bradish, with old Mr. Rice, Capt. Wood and my son John, goe to the Southermost Bounds of the Pine Field — and lays out some Land there, to be added to my 13 Acres and 14 Rods.  In Coming home Mr. Tainter overtakes me, and we have Discourse of my present Difficultys and what to do for my Extricating.  Says he will be friendly to the utmost he can consistent with what is right and fit.  P.M. Mrs. Maynard and her sister Betty here.  Mr. Daniel Forb. Pays £100 old Tenor by Mr. Marritts Means.

April 16, 1767

1767 April 16 (Thursday).  Visited Mr. Timothy Warrins little son that is sick.  At Lt. Bruce’s.  At Lieut. Forbushs Some time.  Mr. Daniel Forb. and his Wife go to see Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, I hope ‘tis to mollifie ‘em.  Mrs. P________ to Capt. Maynards.  Marryed Jonathan Child to Eunice Smith and Solomon Child to Martha Rice.

April 19, 1767

1767 April 19 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 52.  Preached on Joh. 15.5.  It took up my whole Time of Studying to prepare it; but though it was large, I did not divide it.  P.M. read Joh. 17, and for the sermon preached on Prov. 15.8, but, with additions, delivered the Exercise on Mal. 3.14, from p. 53 to the End, with intermixed Additions.  At the Close of the Exercises I appointed the Lords supper and the Lecture thus, “The Time arrives when according to the Custom of this Church, I must appoint the Lords supper; and although there have been Some Disquietment and some Desire to have it deferred, if it could be conveniently; but there has been no formal Request.  But it can’t be put off without much inconvenience.  Therefore I have thought it my Duty stedfastly to attend to this great Work.  Accordingly I propose by divine Leave” etc.  N.B. Deacon Forbes and his Daughter Kendal dined here, as did a Stranger, one Mr. Thomas Shapley of Thompson in Killingly.  In the Eve read in Mr. Bolton a few pages.

April 20, 1767

1767 April 20 (Monday).  Wrote to Billy by Mr. Joseph Perry of Ashburnham.  Mr. Jonas Bradish here, and I trade with him for two Lots of Cedar Swamp, lying one of them within (as he says) about 40 Rods of his House; containing about an acre and half; for 10£ old Tenor.  The other is part of Moskito Swamp containing about 9 Acres, 6 acres of which is Cedar, the rest Ash etc. for 25£ old tenor.  Richard Temple comes from Framingham to live with me four months for 55£ old Tenor.  Mr. Whitney here at Evening and has a fervent mind for peace.  Advises me to go to Mr. A. my Self and know what will satisfie him etc.  Capt. Maynard here and we Settle the Interest to this Day.  And he gives me a [illegible] note for it, viz. £144.15.0 old Tenor.

April 21, 1767

1767 April 21 (Tuesday).  Mr. Whitney having told me last night that Capt. Wood, old Mr. Rice and others, understood me to affirm to them that all the paper was true (which to affirm, contradicts the Agreement with Warrin) I first went up to them and told them carefully how I was to be understood: and gave Capt. Wood in writing, how I would have it stand.  Then rode down to Mr. Andrews, but there was little success.  His Demands were high.  I offered to leave our Difference to Three judicious Men: but he refused my Offer.  I mentioned Coming with two Brethren.  He said I might come with two, or with Every One.  I offered again (Mr. Seth Woods was by) reasonable and Christian satisfaction and then left him to go to Ministers Meeting.  Called at Mr. Edmund Brighams.  Rode in the Rain through Marlborough.  Called at Capt. Barnards — arrived at Mr. Goss’s seasonably to dine.  There were Mr. Loring, Martyn, Smith and Steward.  I could not say much of my Difficultys as the Circumstances of my Case now were: but asked their Sympathy and prayers.  Lodged at Mr. Goss’s with Mr. Loring.

April 23, 1767

1767 April 23 (Thursday).  Mr. Daniel Forbes here — very ready to help forward peace.  My Heart very full of Trouble, apprehensive of the Event of the Meeting to Day.  Hear that Mr. Eliezer Rice of Shrewsbury, dyed yesterday.  Mr. Fish and his wife came and dined with us.  He preached my Lecture on Heb. 13.1.  A very Seasonable, useful Sermon and I hope it had some good Effect upon us.  After Lecture I stayed the Church to read the Warren agreement.  Begun with prayer — read the Agreement and I added something about my reading the paper.  The Church voted acceptance and Satisfaction included in a Vote to have the Communion.  Deacon Bond asked a Question upon my Answering which, Mr. W. went out, and took his Wife with him.  I mentioned to the Church the Electing another Deacon — and that they would urge the members of other Churches, who dwell among us, to get their Dismissions.  Finally, we broke up in some Pleasant Harmony.  To God be Glory!  But Mr. Warrin after Meeting is extremely uneasy, and talks unbecomingly.  N.B. Capt. Brigham consents to go with some other Brother to A______’s and See of they can mollifie him: and I agree (God willing) to go this Day Sennight.  I ask Mr. Fish to go then with Me; who consents.  As the Vote at Meeting abovesaid was so general (except Capt. Brigham, and I am not certain of any other who did not vote or consent), we were very chearful and amicable afterward compared with what I feared.  But God has granted us this Favour!  Glory to His Name!  May He still restrain, preserve and deliver us!

April 25, 1767

1767 April 25 (Saturday).  I am but poorly from Day to Day.  Sweat o’ Nights.  Am the worse in Body by the Exercise of my Mind.  P.M. Mr. Cushing came, and is very warm from Mrs. Andrews.  He prays — advises — urges — to be at Peace, and let her come to Communion if possible some way or other — but she will not make up without this.

April 26, 1767

1767 April 26 (Sunday).  By Reason of Mr. Cushings coming yesterday and taking up so much Time upon that Affair; I could not prepare the designed afternoon Sermon: for I found, I was too faint and feeble to follow it late and early as it would require, to finish it.  Read Isa. 53.  Delivered an Exercise on Rev. 5.9 by help of Some parts of Sermon on Eph. 1.7, viz. from page 8 to 22 omitting Several intervening.  Mr. Martyn is ill, and several of his Family and Flock were at meeting here.  Administered the Lords supper.  Messrs. John and Michael Martyn, Mr. Cushing and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. read Joh. 18.  Preached on 1 Pet. 2.9, former part.  At Eve repeated as usual, in the Family, part of the Exercise of the Day.

April 27, 1767

1767 April 27 (Monday).  Had Neighbour Newtons Horse to visit the Sick, particularly his sister Hardy, and prayed with her: Mr. Thomas Twitchels Wife and prayed there.  N.B. Called at Mr. Elijah Rice’s.  Proceeded to Mr. Daniel Millers and dined there.  To Mr. Thurstons, Mrs. Grows.  Called at Lt. Harringtons for Flax seed.  At Mr. Kendals who is very low — prayed with him.  Went to see old Mr. Seth Morse at Hopkinton.  Discoursed and prayed with him.  Returned before Night, and drank Tea at home.  School moves to the West part of the Town.

April 29, 1767

1767 April 29 (Wednesday).  Miss Mary Bradish here and says Mr. Martyn has a bad fever.  I would fain visit, but am not able for want of an Horse.  Mr. Timothy Warrin here and very uneasy — says I have broke the Agreement etc.  Tells me he did save a Copy of the Paper, whereas I thought all was burnt.  This I judge to be very disingenuous.  Talks of having his Wife sworn before squire Taylor.  Mr. Wheelock here, and nails a sacking of [Bedstead?] etc.  P.M. Mr. Hutchinson and Capt. Brooks from Council at Newbury.  Messenger from Mr. Michael Martyn to have me go over.  They fear his Father will not live out the Night.  Mr. Wheelock lends his Horse and I went.  Found Mr. Martyn extreme bad — just knew me and called me by my name, but has been delirious ever since yesterday noon.  A most sorrowful House!  Dr. Dexter at night — gives him over.  We prayed.  I went to Bed.

April 30, 1767

1767 April 30 (Thursday).  Was called up between one and two.  He expired about 1/2 after two.  Surprizing, Shocking providence!  He was taken ill but last Friday — dressed to go to Meeting last Lords Day — but was notable.  He was delirious by Tuesday noon and continued so (as was conceived) till he dyed.  May we be deeply humbled under the mighty Hand of God!  In the Morning I returned home.  Mr. Fish came — dined with me.  I Sent John to Capt. Wood, and to Mr. Edwards Whipple to go down to Mr. Andrews’s.  P.M. Mr. Fish and I accompanyed by Mr. Cushing and Mr. Whipple, rode down to Mr. Andrews’s.  There were and came soon, a considerable Number — viz. Mr. Whitney, Deacon Bond, Messrs. Daniel Forbes and Gale, the two Brighams, Mr. Batherick, Capt. B. Fay, Capt. Wood.  Mr. Fish (at my proposal before the Company and at my Desire, though I think he had mentioned it on the way) prayed — for we were retired into the Chamber.  And then many endeavours were used for accommodation and reconcilement.  Mr. Andrews gave up the matter of my Saying he was Quarrelsome.  The Complaint against me, for not answering her Request to lay her Case before the Church, I pleaded against, I suppose with Success, nor would I take any Blame to my Self about it.  I think the Brethren were, finally, easy on that Head.  As to the Paper of Mrs. Warrins Testimony, I told them first, that if there was harm to Mrs. A. by that, it could not be laid to me but to Mrs. W. because that which related to Mrs. A. in it, She retained and it was still in its full Strength.  But however, Since it came to me so lame, as appeared afterwards although I could not know at the Time of it, I said I was sorry I read it.  And with regard to my taking minutes of Conversations, I was willing, since there were three very noticeable ones that were in loose Papers — viz. That which was at Mr. A. when Mr. Cleaveland was there; One out before my Yard, and one at Old Capt. Forbushs — if that would give any satisfaction — or however, I would destroy them and I accordingly Put them into the Fire.  For some time there was very little Hope — but at length Mr. A. and his wife came, one after the other and with joining Hands endeavoured to join Hearts and mutually forgave — and it was written and signed by all three — and each party had one.  Upon which we gave praise to God singing part of 133 Ps.  Mr. Timothy Warrin was there, and I besought him to be easy and that we also might wholly make up.  He answered he would, if the Brethren that were there would not say that I had broke the Agreement by what I had said to some of them and by what I said to Deacon Bond in the late Church meeting.  No one Answered to him at all, though he spake loud, and I think twice.  But yet he did not comply — but wanted I should talk with his wife, whereas it is questionable whether he would allow his wife to discourse, or to be, without him.  Before I left them I told the Brethren that If the Church Should desire to come together to see or Enquire what their Duty was with regard to other Churches and Ministers I would not hinder it: but must pray that as I was not willing to bind their Consciences, so I would not have them to bind mine.  I would do whatever should be consistent with Church Order and a good Conscience, but they might not expect me to go any further.  Thus I left the House in peace.  They had entertained us handsomely, and Mr. Fish and Mr. Cushing tarried there; the Brethren that were more Zealous laid hold of the present Opportunity and improved the Help of those Gentlemen to draw up a Request for a Church meeting which seven of them signed.  Capt. Wood and Mr. Whipple rode home with me.  I rejoice so much has been obtained, and so considerable a stop put to Evil — but it is with trembling, through Fear of what may follow in the Church.  God only is our Refuge and Help.  To Him I desire humbly to look!