November 30, 1758

1758 November 30 (Thursday).  A.M. About the Result.  The moderator obtains of Mr. Martyn to draw up the Exhortation.  N.B. Mr. Belknap chooses a number out of the Council, to sit at a Convenient Time and hear his Affair.  N.B. at Dinner Capt. Taylor with us.  P.M. published the Result, after which Mr. Stone very affectionately addressed all his Brethren who were of one side and t’other.  But to little Effect on the Adverse party.  Returned home at Eve; and find all in Comfort.  D.G.  I Said, all in Comfort — but I am to Except the sorrowfull News we have of the Death of my dear Kinsman, my Brother Samuels only Son, William Bowes Parkman, who dyed on the 22d.  May God most gracious please to Sanctify this Breach to all of us!  But especially Support my poor Brother under this distressing Bereavement.  And may both his and my own Children have Grace to think Seriously of the Vanity of Life, and prepare for their own Death.