November 12, 1758

1758 November 12 (Sunday).  This morning very Cold.  Ink is froze in my standish Jugg, though there was fire in my Chamber the Eve before.  A very Winter like time.  Read 2 Chron. 30, John 18.  Made an Exercise partly out of some of my sermon on Jer. 3.15, to which I added some preparations which I made for Leominster, but never delivered.  N.B. This was occasioned partly by the Business of last Week, but especially because this was the first Lords Day of our 35th Year Since the founding this Church and my own Ordination.  I would give Thanks to God for His Long suffering; pray for forgiveness of my unfaithfullness and unfruitfullness: and beg Grace to Quicken and assist for the future!  P.M. repeated part of Sermon on Rom. 12.18, occasioned both by the Divisions in Sutton, and the yet more distressing Disquietments in Southborough: having a Letter to communicate, and which was communicated, to the Church, from thence.