October 3, 1758

1758 October 3 (Tuesday).  I rode to Sutton Council on Mr. Welmans Affair with his Brethren.  Mr. Winter and his Wife return to Boston.  Deacons Tainter and Bond accompany me to Mr. Welmans, where we dined.  Besides all the Pastors and Delegates, who were all there this session, Mr. Maccarty, who was moderator of the Church Meeting just after the last Council, was there.  P.M. went to the Meeting House; the withdrawing Brethren as well as the Standing part of the Church, there.  Lodged at Mr. Welmans.

October 4, 1758

1758 October 4 (Wednesday).  Matters are very difficult — a.m. labouring with the contending Partys.  As Mr. Wellman Shew’d what he had done towards Pacification and exhibited a Paper of Offers which he had made to them So they in their Turn exhibit proposals — but they are rejected by the other Side.  P.M. Mr. Welman produces his Grievances etc.  And we go into the Hearing, and at his House (to which we were adjourned in the Evening).  I lodged at Mr. Welmans.  All is dark and Sad.

October 5, 1758

1758 October 5 (Thursday).  Nothing can be darker and more sad — the Partys extremely stiff and resolute against one another.  Mr. Welman and his Brethren urging that we do what we came for, and give them a Result: the aggrieved making Offers of a mutual Council, which if rejected, tis thought probable many of the precinct will hear him no more.  Thus we have things when we first meet one another in sadness this morning.  Our Hearts aking, our Eyes often to Heaven for the divine Compassion.  When we were also recollecting what God had done Sometimes heretofore; and to Support our Spirits observing that it was darkest just before morning — Ensign Goddard and Mr. Daniel Greenwood came with new Proposals and Offers (Perhaps Some of the withdrawing Partys late extraordinary Conduct, being likely to be Severely animadverted upon, might be a Stimulus) in which they are willing to bear the intire Charge of a mutual Council if they may have one.  Mr. W. and Ensign Barnard etc. will agree to having a mutual Council, if this Council may be one half, the aggrieved Brethren adding as many Churches hereto, and if they will bear half the Charge of this Council and of that proposed.  We ripen this Scheme, and it proves Successful thus far.  N.B. Rev. Messrs. Hall, Maccarty, John Brown, and Phipps dine with us.  I at night rode to my Kinsman Trasks to See his aged mother Fuller: and lodged there.

October 6, 1758

1758 October 6 (Friday).  Letters missive were drawn (from an original of my draughting) and Signed by the Partys respectively.  Then the Council was adjourned to Tuesday the 7th Day of November next a.m. and to the House of Mr. Samuel Buck junior.  N.B. Mr. Dorr and his son, Mr. Smith of Marlborough and Mr. Johnson of Mendon, and I, dined at Mr. Hutchinsons in Grafton.  When I came home find Sophy and Hannah have the Fever and Ague.  Silas Rice (son of Lt. Eliezer) is come from the Camp and brought a Letter of Sept. 19 from my son William.

October 9, 1758

1758 October 9 (Monday).  Mr. Ephraim Bruce returned last eve, from the Lake, with Jonas Bradish.  Brings me a Letter from Billy of Sept. 28.  And one from Mr. (who writes himself) Forbes, of Sept. 8 and another from him of Sept. 25.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Hardy comes here with fresh Claim of part of the Land, Lt. Ward took up for me in the Swamp to the North East.  N.B. Mr. Putnam of Pomfret, going down to See his Father at North Reading, who is Sick, calls (in the Rain) and takes a Lodging here.  He appears a Serious, modest, agreeable Gentleman.

October 11, 1758

1758 October 11 (Wednesday).  Rode to Mr. Ephraim Bruce to Enquire of Affairs at the Camp.  There I saw Jonas Bradish and I design’d a visit to Mrs. Adams, but found her at Bruce’s.  N.B. Mr. Benoni Shurtleff is going to the Camp, for Capt. Aaron Fay who is an Invalid.  I wrote by him to Billy and Sent him a Dollar.  P.M. Mr. Joseph Miles of Shrewsbury here; he being in a very gloomy State.  His Wife is with him.  They have News that their Father, old Deacon Miles of Concord is dead.  May not only Relatives, but all survivors make a right use of Such a Providence!  My little Hannah, having the Fever and Ague, turns Yellow also.  Sophy also grows worse.

October 14, 1758

1758 October 14 (Saturday).  Thomas rode to Marlborough to wait upon Mrs. Anna Brigham up here; but She was engaged in taking Care of a poor sick woman, one Mrs. Kitchin, a Wife of one of the Regulars, who was trying to go to her Husband, but was taken ill upon the way; So that Mrs. Brigham did not come.  N.B. One Edward Lyscomb of Taunton, a Soldier in Coll. Doly’s Regiment, was here in his way home: He had been under Coll. Bradstreet at the taking of Cataraqui and Fort Frontignac; and had divers of the Spoils which they had taken from the French.  At night Mr. Bliss called at the Door, in his way to Grafton, Mr. Hutchinson being gone to Concord.  N.B. Mrs. Matthews here with her Relation.

October 16, 1758

1758 October 16 (Monday).  An unhappy Morning to me by reason of my hasty Answer to Mr. Jonah Warrin — when he asked me whether I met with any difficulty about my Wood?  I answered Yes — but the manner of expressing it, was with too much Warmth.  May God forgive what was amiss!  My Daughter Sarah rode with Mr. Tainter, his Wife and Sister Forb. to Brookfield.  N.B. Sent by her Mr. Roberts Life of Czar Peter Vol. 2 and 3 and to my Daughter Forbes 6 Edwards on Original Sin.

October 17, 1758

1758 October 17 (Tuesday).  My own Mare being gone it was with much Difficulty, but I obtained an Horse, and rode to Mr. Hall in Sutton, according to the Appointments made to attempt something for the Reconcilement of the Ministers and Churches there.  Mr. Cushing was there: Mr. Dor soon came and with him Mr. Webb of Uxbridge; who being desired by Mr. Hall to assist in the Reconcilement before us, became one with us.  And we had the Happiness to see the two Ministers aforesaid reconciled with respect to their ministerial Rights; and they respectively Signed the Terms.  After which we prepared the way as we could, respecting all other Matters.  We all lodged there.  A stormy, rainy Night.

October 18, 1758

1758 October 18 (Wednesday).  Messrs. Hall and Wellman were, to our great rejoicing, brought to an Amicable Composition, and signed reciprocally a Paper, containing mutual condescensions and Engagements which We all witnessed, and the Instruments were interchangeably delivered.  Mr. Dorr also left a Paper of Advice with Rev. Mr. Hall, as Mr. Wellman had signed his Consent to what is Called the Uxbridge proposals — and this last did indeed precede the Paper of amicable Composition abovesaid.  So having dined (and the Weather agreeable) we joyfully parted.  Called at Mr. Hutchinsons, and at Winchesters (at which last I left what I had drawn up for his Will).  When I got home aged Judge Ward was here, and desired me to marry him.  I rode home the Horse I had borrowed, to Mr. Nurse’s; the Judge returning there (for there the widow Smith, his Designed Bride, Sojourned) and I marryed them in presence of Mr. Aaron Nurse, Eliza Pierce and Nathan Kenny.  Sad News that Mr. Solomon Woods is dead.

October 19, 1758

1758 October 19 (Thursday).  Mr. Hutchinson preached my Lecture on Act. 5.31.  N.B. Esquire Samuel Brigham here after Lecture.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter returns from Summers and Brookfield, and confirms the sorrowfull Tidings of the Death of Mr. Woods — that he dyed at Western in his returning from the Army.  A Sorrowful and wide Breach!  The Lord pity his poor Widow and Children — and his aged Mother and miserable Brother Isaac!

October 24, 1758

1758 October 24 (Tuesday).  Deacon Burnap receives and pays for one of Edwards on Original Sin.  William Dunlop here being newly come from the Lake and brings me fresh news from my Billy.  My own Boys are employed about my Corn and have the Assistance of one of Mr. Rice’s Twins: thus, Alexander goes over in the morning and with Mr. Rice’s Oxen and Mr. Pratts Cart, assisted by Joseph Rice (or rather the Twin with his) my part of Crop of Corn is brought over and laid upon my House; and after Dinner they go to my Cook Field, and cutt up and bring home part of that.  Thomas helps them in loading and driving home.  Rain at Eve.

October 25, 1758

1758 October 25 (Wednesday).  Boys are husking.  P.M. rainy.  Nathan and Jonas Kenny husk.  At Eve my Daughter Baldwin with her little son came.  They sat out yesterday from Brookfield; accompanyed by the Widow Gilbert hither to assist her.  They lodged last night at Mr. Baldwins in Shrewsbury, where they left my mare, which they brought with them from Brookfield so far.

October 26, 1758

1758 October 26 (Thursday).  A very winter like Face on every Thing.  We have the pleasure of my Daughter and her little son here, together with their Nurse.  Alexander goes to Shrewsbury for my Mare and brings her.  Am confined by the storm from visiting Several Familys where there have been Bereavements by the War.  My sons are husking — but my own Business succeeds but poorly.  Alas, that I am so sluggish!  I had need be quickened, for the holy God has awfully smitten us, in taking away a most eminent person, the Rev. Pious and learned Mr. THOMAS PRINCE of Boston who dyed last Lords Day Evening.  He was one of the most usefull Men we have had for a great while.  Help Lord etc.  N.B. Joseph Thurston brought a Barrell of Cyder from Mr. Hezekiah How to whom I had lent one.

October 27, 1758

1758 October 27 (Friday).  Storm continues, and our Wood very short.  P.M. Thomas to Marlborough to bring up Mrs. Brigham.  At Eve Capt. Wood and Ensign Harrington here, and though I Should prize their Company at another time, yet I cant but regret its robbing me of the Evening I so peculiarly depend upon for my Studying and preparing my sermons.

October 28, 1758

1758 October 28 (Saturday).  My Daughter Baldwin, her son and Mrs. Gilbert go to Sudbury, Thomas having returned with Mrs. Brigham and her Son.  P.M. to my sorrow was again interrupted and called away.  Mr. John Maynard came for me to go to his Brother Phinehas’s little son Joel (about 2 Years old) who had fallen into a Kittle of boiling water, and they fear Death is nigh.  I went.  Returned at Eve.

October 29, 1758

1758 October 29 (Sunday).  Read 2 Chron. 28 and Joh. 16.  Preached a.m. on Rom. 12.2.  N.B. Mr. Hutchinson being gone to Connecticut many Grafton people are here.  Deacon Merriam and his Wife; Mr. Hezekiah Taylor and his son dined with us.  P.M. On Occasion of the Death of that Excellent Minister of Jesus Christ, the Rev. Mr. Prince of Boston, I again delivered sermon 1 on Act. 20.28, only with New Introduction, with Alterations and addditions, as were requisite.  N.B. Lt. Eliezer Rice, Moses Twitchell, and Constantine Hardy are returned from the Army.

October 30, 1758

1758 October 30 (Monday).  This Parish met to See whether they would Settle my Sallery and get me my Wood this Year: and sent a Committee to me, Messrs. David Maynard and Ephraim Bruce, to desire me to go to the Meeting House.  They said they wanted to know what would satisfie and Content me.  I went and spoke to them to this Effect.  That I mov’d for no Addition at present, during this Time of Distress and Trouble with them on account of the public Calamities: for that I heartily Sympathized with them, that Indeed I desired my maintenance among them might not be left at the loose rate that it had been heretofore; it being (as I apprehended) greatly to the dishonor of God and hurt of Religion, greatly to their own dishonor and the Damage of their own Spiritual Interests — and the Objection that I know of against settling it of no force — but since I had understood that that was not the point to be laboured, they having got over that — (for so it was represented to me) I would not insist on it.  And as to the how much, Since the Times were now peculiar they might do this, pitch upon a Medium which might be satisfactory on both sides — that if they were distressed might be considered on my part but if there should be peace and they Should be prospered and blessed and my Circumstances called for it, they might add to me accordingly.  It grew late, there were but few there.  When I left them they soon voted to do as they had done — and so left it as they found it — 500£ old Tenor including for my Wood, which I might get as I pleased.  N.B. Capt. Wood here at Evening.  Also Capt. Tainter from Watertown.

October 31, 1758

1758 October 31 (Tuesday).  Have received but slender supply from Mr. Maynard the Collector for my Journey — but the Necessitys of my Family required it, that I Should go.  Mr. Batherick helped my son Alexander, in Cutting down the remainder of my Indian Corn.  Mr. Joseph Chaddocks wife here to be examined.  Dined at home.  A second Dinner at Mr. Stones.  Lodged at Mr. Cushings at Waltham, but he was gone to Ordination at Andover.