November 15, 1758

1758 November 15 (Wednesday).  I walked over to t’other House — to consult Mr. Rice about Mrs. Wards living there.  Visit Mr. John Frost, and the widow Elizabeth Rogers.  Judge Ward and his wife and Mr. Moses Twitchell dined with Mrs. Parkman — but I went to Capt. Woods to the Marriage of his Daughter in Law, Miss Patty Death.  My wife also at the Solemnity and Entertainment there.  At Eve she returned home because of the Child, but I went with the Company to Esq. Bakers and supped there.  To my great Grief I was detained there till it was nigh or quite Midnight.  Yet I broke away before the Second Table rose from Supper; and So had no Singing there.  N.B. Capt. Maynard at the Wedding.