November 23, 1758

1758 November 23 (Thursday).  Thanksgiving.  Preached on Ps. 48.9.  N.B. In the sermon I mentioned the private Family Meeting’s dwindling to nothing; For so I was informed by Deacon Tainter, and that there was a proposal of some to meet at my House this Evening.  And accordingly the following Persons came Esq. Baker, Deacon Tainter and Deacon Bond, Capt. Fay, Capt. Wood, Messrs. Whitney, Grow, Daniel Hardy, Daniel Adams, Daniel Forbush, and they entered into fresh Engagements to revive and attend the Meeting at a better Rate for the future, and agreed that they would meet on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.  Next meeting to be at old Mr. Bradish’s, next Tuesday come se’nnight.  N.B. No Blanc to Day though I invited him and his wife.