November 16, 1758

1758 November 16 (Thursday).  Fine spring-like Weather.  Deacon Tainter, and afterwards Judge Ward, dined here.  My wife and I were invited by the Bridegroom, Mr. Baker to dine with them.  My wife went, but I did not, though they Sent an Horse for us.  At Eve I went up and waited on her home.  Thomas returned from Brookfield and brought Suse and Breck with him, and left Sarah in Suse’s Stead.  N.B. Widow Twitchell tells me (Mr. Ebenezer Nurse and Mrs. Rebecca Warrin present) that Judge Ward may go into her House if he will fit it up at his own Cost, and engage to leave it next spring when Mr. Jonathan Cook will want to have it.  Which I Acquaint the Judge with.