November 20, 1758

1758 November 20 (Monday).  Several of our Children are conceived to have the Chicken Pox — tis Supposed they have taken it from some or other of my Son Baldwins Family who have been here.  Miss Betty Johnson is here making a Coat for John, as Mrs. How (Noahs wife) is making one for Samuel.  Mr. Joseph Robishow and his Wife here.  I resent to him the Conduct of some Young French people (Maran Gordow and two or three with him, and one or more of the Blanc’s, who travelled by the Meeting House in time of divine Service yesterday).  I wrote also a Letter in French (as well as I could) to Monsieur Le Blanc, testifying against it.  P.M. I rode with my Wife, in the Chair, to See Mrs. Tainter, Benjamin’s Wife, who is indeed very Low.  Saw Monsieur there, and delivered and read my Letter my self to him.  N.B. The Taylor woman lodges here.