November 11, 1758

1758 November 11 (Saturday).  When we were at Breakfast and onward it was Still very dark and distressing, to see how much was before us, and how divided we were.  It was thought best to adjourn.  The adjournment was to next May.  And four ministers were chosen to labour with the people in the Mean time.  Messrs. Webb and Fish for the other side, Mr. Morse and I for the Pastors and standing part.  But I refused having been so often and my affairs at home forbidding it.  Mr. Dorr was chose in my room; Mr. Cushing if he fails.  But we called the people in to try whether some thing might not be done at the present.  It had a great Effect.  I first of all laboured with Mr. Wellman to acknowledge that in this Day of Temptation he had done amiss in some Things etc.  He accordingly made a penitential Speech to them.  This had some influence on Deacon Gould yet he would defer the reconcilement till he could think further, promising to take pains with himself etc.  I was very sorry he was so imperfect in his Acceptance of what Mr. Wellman Said.  Squire Goddard and Mr. Greenwood, with their sons, also stood off.  But Mr. Barton and Mr. Richardson were pritty much melted: humbled themselves and asked forgiveness and were restored by Vote of the Church.  A great Number of the Standing part, viz. Squire Barnard, Deacon Chase, Capt. Holman, Mr. Kidder and Mr. Tainter expressly and with Tears in their Eyes, having took Barton by the Hand and mutually asked and granted forgiveness — and then removed, with the rest of the Standing part of the Church to the other End of the Room, and compleated the Reconcilement, with those, though Others of the withdrawing members would defer a while.  Mr. Fish prayed and gave Thanks — the Council’s adjournment was declared; we dined, and returned home.  Found my Family well.  D.G.  Mr. Jonah Warrin brought one Cord of wood to Day.  This begins his finding wood.