December 1, 1758

1758 December 1 (Friday).  Deacon Tainter having had my Mare to Boston and carryed a Calf for us (for which he got 6£ without the Skin) returns, and brings a Letter and Mourning Gloves for us — and a Pair of white Gloves for Thomas, who had watched with his Billy in his Sickness.  My son William is under Indisposition and fear what it will increase to.  Alexander to Mr. Stones for the Result — but comes without.

December 3, 1758

1758 December 3 (Sunday).  Read 2 Chron. 32.  Preached on Joh. 19.34.  Administered the Lords Supper.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Burnap with us — and he dines here.  As does Deacon Tainter and his Wife.  P.M. omitted public Reading.  Repeated (with Alterations) sermon on Mat. 6.25.  The Day being short and Cold, when I desired the Church to tarry, told the Congregation that Such as were o mind to stay were welcome (for it would take a great deal of Time for the Congregation to go out) and then read the Result of Southborough Council.  N.B. After Meeting Lt. Whitney of Watertown, and his son were here, and Lt. Tainter and his son Warrin came in with them.  N.B. The Discourse chiefly in easing Mr. Warrins Mind about the Proceedings at Southborough.  Am sorry there needs so much to be said in Vindication.  But the world is full of unkind Reflections.

December 5, 1758

1758 December 5 (Tuesday).  Write and Send an Answer to my Brother Samuels mournful Letter.  Preached at the private Meeting at Mr. Bradish’s on Luk. 9.62.  N.B. The Articles of the Family meeting which were signed Feb. [blank] 1756/7 were read and Consent called for — or if any body had any thing against either the Meeting itself or these articles — very little if any thing was said in answer.  Esq. Baker was desired to keep them and he put them in his pocket accordingly.  N.B. The next meeting to be at his House.

December 6, 1758

1758 December 6 (Wednesday).  I visited old Mr. Fay and his wife.  Jeduthun not at home.  His wife is composed.  His Son Hezekiah, whose Leggs a loaded Cart run over, is recovered.  Dined at Mr. Joseph Grouts where I visited also: at Mr. Jonathan Fay’s.  N.B. Capt. Bezaleal Eager and Wife there.  Visited at Mr. Joseph Bruce’s — at Monsieur LeBlanc’s.

December 7, 1758

1758 December 7 (Thursday).  Dr. Hamilton here — dined with us.  I can’t recommend this place for him to settle in.  He goes to Mr. Daniel Forb.  I invited him to return and lodge here: which he did.  P.M. to t’other House and to Mr. Noah Hows to gratifie him about some Pine in my Hill; but he was not at Home.  At Capt. Maynards but neither was he at home.  Miss Betty Johnson works for Thomas.

December 8 ,1758

1758 December 8 (Friday).  Miss Betty.  Dr. Hamilton returned to Brookfield.  Received a Letter from Mr. Maccarty manifesting some Disquiet at my Asking him at Southborough Council when the result had been read, and he wanted to go away, whether he was disgusted at the Result etc.  P.M. Master Nathan Stone with a Letter from his Father to desire me to change.  At Eve Master Charles Coffin of College; but had been to Hardwick, came to see us and lodged here.

December 14, 1758

1758 December 14 (Thursday).  A storm of Snow last night and troublesome Travelling this morning, but (with Lt. Rolf’s Horse) I rode over (and alone though I took no Small Pains for Company) to Upton, it being Fast there on Account of the Throat Distemper.  No Others were sent to than Mr. Hutchinson and I — he came So late that Mr. Fish and I were obliged to perform the forenoon Service.  I preached on Micah 6.9.  Mr. Hutchinson p.m. on Mic. 6.9.  It proved a very pleasant Day and moderate Eve.  I rode home — had Deacon Tainters, his wife’s and Daughter Forb. Company.  When I came home Billy was returned from Boston — and Capt. Wood here.

December 20, 1758

1758 December 20 (Wednesday).  Deacon Tainter goes to Boston and carrys divers sorts of Edibles for my Wife to Markett.  Butter, Fowls — Mr. Whitney receives one of Mr. Edwards on Original Sin.  P.M. I visit Mr. Samuel Fay to talk with him about his withdrawing from Special Ordinances.  Our Discourse ended with mutual forgiveness of what was personal, and we give our Hands and part in peace.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter and his Wife came after Dinner.  Drank Tea and tarried till Supper: She being much recovered.

December 21, 1758

1758 December 21 (Thursday).  Mr. Francis Whipple here most of forenoon.  P.M. rode into the Southerly part of the Town.  Visit at Mr. Daniel Hardys, the two Bigolows, especially Father Graves: Barachias Morse, Arte Bruce, and the two Widows Woods.  At Eve Mr. Winchester here about his writings for the Settling his Estate all which are writ, viz. a Will, Deed and Bond.  Mr. Zebulon Rice also Spends the Evening here.

December 26, 1758

1758 December 26 (Tuesday).

Miss Betty works here a.m.  Dines here; as does Miss Patty Dunlop.  Afternoon the former goes to Merchant Rice’s.  The other is upon the Affair of her Fathers Rates.  Billy uneasy to be gone to Brookfield.  Deacon Bond brings 4 Load of Wood to Day.  My pile increased to upwards of 50 Load in the whole.  Peter LeBlanc junior of Shrewsbury with Amon here.  Our Days are a shadow and we have no abiding!  But besides their Brevity they are Evil.

December 27, 1758

1758 December 27 (Wednesday).  Tedious winter like Season.  Rains and freezes So that it is very difficult stirring.  Mr. Joseph Gamel dined here: he is come to live in this Town, at the Widow Rogers’s.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Forb. here.  We are full of the News from the Ohio — giving Thanks that DuQuesne is in our Hands, though we mourn on account of French Cruelty there.

December 28, 1758

1758 December 28 (Thursday).  Mr. [sic] Betty Johnson at 10 a.m. making Jacket for Alexander.  The Thaw and Flood very remarkable.  Bridges flooded etc.  Memorable deliverance of my little Hannah.  The Cellar Door was left open, and She in her Go-Cart, pitched down, and went to the bottom — yet without any great Hurt.  To God our preserver be all Glory!

December 31, 1758

1758 December 31 (Sunday).  The God of Patience has brought us along through the Changes of another Year to the concluding Day of it; and, with all our other Mercys, permitts us to enjoy our Spiritual Privileges and Advantages.  Our Sabbaths reach to the End of the Year.  To His Name be Honor and Glory!  And that whilst there have been So many Tumults in other parts of the Christian World, We enjoy our Sabbaths and solemnitys without Molestation.  This Day we publickly read 2 Chr. 34 and Joh. 19 from v. 23 — to the End.  Preached on 2 Cor. IV.17 a. and p.m.  The Widow Thurston and Miss Betty Johnson dined here.  After our Evening Exercises in the Family we read Sir Mathew Hale’s Contemplations — particularly the Great Audit and Account of the Good Steward.  A very Solemn and awakening Subject — which although I had read I Suppose many Years ago, yet those articles are very moving and I wish we may be favoured with a lasting Impression.  I had given to my Family an Affectionate Exhortation and Charge after our Evening Family Exercise — which may God keep alive in all their Hearts!  And now may this concur to raise up and enliven the most serious reflections and Resolutions.  That we may end the Year as we would desire to end our Lives.  O that it might be in the true, holy Fear of God, and may the Special Grace of God magnifyed towards us!  I go to bed with deep humblings for long unprofitableness — and deep Concern about how it will be with me at my concluding Hour.  But I would in all humility committ my Self to a most gracious God relying on His infinite Mercy, and the Merits of the glorious Redeemer!