July 25, 1756

1756 July 25 (Sunday).  I felt not so well as Some Days I have.  But considering the doleful state of the Flock when there is no Minister, I ventured out both a. and p.m.  Repeated a.m. sermon 1 on Jer. 31.18.  P.M. repeated sermon 1 on Mat. 12.20.  Having taken all the ways to favor and strengthen my self that I could, I was not overmuch worried or Spent with the services.  But I cant say I took no Cold, for at night I was Seized again with Rheumatic Pains, chiefly my right Arm and right Knee.  But the Will of the Lord be done!  May his Word which we have heard savingly profit us!  And May these Providences so afflictive and trying, prove Spiritually advantagious, through the divine Concurrence!