July 23, 1756

1756 July 23 (Friday).  Messrs. Barachias Rice and Martyn Pratt came to work in Ministerial Meadow.  Thomas and Billy go to raking in Newton Meadow.  Mr. Crawford returned home.  I feel but poorly still — can’t read or write any Time together but hope I grow stronger in the Main.  D.G.  Mrs. Bulah Bent of Marlborough came to see us and dined here.  She rode with me in my Chair (mended by Neighbour Zebulun Rice) to the Funeral of Mr. Richard Barns’s Child, which I attended, though with much Difficulty.  Mrs. Bulah tells me I may improve her Meadow and welcome.  When I returned home, found Mr. Stone and his Wife here.  This was a refreshing Visit.  He prayed with me before he left me.  Thomas and Billy brought home a Jagg of Hay from Newton Meadow with Neighbour Abner Newtons Team.  Neighbour Morse lodges here.