July 2, 1756

1756 July 2 (Friday).  It was Somewhat wet at the first of the morning, and in Some Measure discouraged my Kins folks from undertaking their Journey home: but afterwards the Sun broke out and they took leave.  John Forbush, Sent by his Father, hoed with Billy in the New Field.  N.B. Mr. Isaac Mitchel of Peterborough (above Townshend) here and dined with us.  By him I wrote a Letter to Mr. William Jones of Lunenbourg — to desire him to look up the 62 Acre Lot which I had of Lull, promising that I would see him satisfyed.  As to my own Condition, I am to day in a feverish, relaxed, and weak state, but am desirous to place my Hope and Trust in the Lord my God.  But above all, may God of his infinite mercy and Goodness, grant me inward reviving; and strength in my soul!  May the pious Example of Mr. Procter quicken me, in particular his Strictness and Steddiness in the Exercises of Devotion — his Care to avoid sin, and keep all Gods holy Commandments.