July 9, 1756

1756 July 9 (Friday).  A bright, chearfull and pleasant morning after the storm, but I am my Self, I fear, lower, and more distressed; am very sick, abhor every Edible, but endeavour to keep up my Spirits and walk about.  Mr. Moses Twitchell comes to clearing again.  Mr. Abijah Gale here and reckons.  Billy mows a little.  I am exceeding poor and Miserable at Evening.  I had sent for Dr. Chase in the Day.  He came at Night, and being perswaded by my grievous Nausea, and frequent reaching to vomit, that I have the Jaundice, I have Sent Thomas to Mrs. Kimbal of Hopkinton for her famous Remedy.  But I principally beg Grace to [Seak?] to, and depend on the Glorious God the Almighty sovereign of my Life and all my Changes.