June 2, 1756

1756 June 2 (Wednesday).  Should have had some Expectation of Mr. Martyn to preach my Lecture but that I hear Mr. James Ball dyed the night before last and is to be buryed to Day.  I therefore preached my self.  My Text Ps. 106.4.  As to Mr. Ball he was one of those 12 who were the Covenanters that began this Church.  And there are but 2 of them that now survive, viz. Old Mr. Maynard, and Old Mr. Bradish.  May God prepare each of us to follow, that we may depart in Peace and see His Salvation!  At Eve Mr. Breck and Cousin Betty Gott, going with him to Springfield, came; and lodged here.  Capt. Fay has requested me earnestly to

June 6, 1756

1756 June 6 (Sunday).  Read 1 K. 18 from v. 17 and preached a.m. on Joh. 10.11.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  Old Mrs. How, Mrs. Tainter and Mrs. Bowker of Simsbury dined here.  P.M. I read Mat. 21 to v. 23 and in preaching finished the Repetition of Sermon on Ps. 106.4.5.  After Exercises Messrs. Gardner, and his Classmate Wheeler, here.

June 7, 1756

1756 June 7 (Monday).  Visited Ensign Jeduthun Fay’s Wife confined by Rheumatism.  Was at Mr. Grouts.  Am sollicitous to get a Pasture for my Young Cattle, they being now very troublesome.  P.M. my wife rode to Lt. Tainters.  My Brother in Law, Harrington, here.  I hear that Betty Maynard dyed Yesterday about 2 p.m.  Mr. Maynard (when I was absent) came to desire me to be with them at the Funeral of his Daughter.

June 8, 1756

1756 June 8 (Tuesday).  Billy finishes hoing the Island Field.  I visited old Mr. Bradish and Mr. Ebenezer Forbush who has the Rheumatism.  We expected my Wife’s Kinswomen from Marlborough, they having sent us word that they would visit us to Day; but they did not come.  Old Mrs. Kelly dined with us.  P.M. attended the Funeral of Mrs. Betty Maynard.  My sons Wife So weak etc. we have not only Sent Sarah over to them but my Wife herself has gone over and changed Children: left Sophy, and brought over their Infant, and thus we worry through the Night.

June 10, 1756

1756 June 10 (Thursday).  My Wife had Somewhat better night with the two Children than She expected.  Thomas and Billy finish the Field by the Barn before Dinner.  P.M. I preached to the Young Men, from Ps. 95.7, last Clause.  At night little Betty (my Grand Child) having fallen out of the Wheelbarrow (at t’other House) received a wound over her right Eye.  They sent Alexander over for me, and I went; but returned and lodged at Home.

June 14, 1756

1756 June 14 (Monday).  A Number of Young Men (of the New Society) came and hoed my Corn at the New Field behind the Meeting House.  They were Samuel Hardy junior, Barny Newton, Daniel Forb. junior, Jonathan Stow, Abner Whipple, Joseph Harrington, and Levi Warrin for his Brother Abner.  My Wife went over to See them at t’other House, and brings over little Molly again and Suckles her (together with Sophy) here.

June 15, 1756

1756 June 15 (Tuesday).  I rode to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Morse’s.  Thought my Self too late and therefore did not go by Mr. Martyns, but rode alone as far as Capt. Biglows — from thence had Mr. Ebenezer Nurse’s Company; and notwithstanding my Fears of lateness, was the first that arriv’d there.  There was no Concio by reason of Mr. Stone’s (the appointed Concr.’s) illness and Indisposition, though he was present.  Sir Crawford offered himself to be examined.  See the Association minutes.

June 16, 1756

1756 June 16 (Wednesday).  Sir Crawford brought us a Letter from Mr. Maccarty, and one that Mr. Maccarty had sent to Coll. Chandler; on which also that Coll. had written his own Recommendation of him to the Gentlemen who were empowered to put in Chaplains in the Army.  In brief, a Certificat was drawn, and I suppose signed, according to Vote, by the Moderator.  I hastened away after Lecture and came to Ensign Harringtons who had Strongly  insisted upon my being there to Day.  It being training Day, and he treats the Company.  I understand also that it is training Day over all the Province, and all men shew Arms.


At Eve I was called to go up to Esq. Bakers, there being an Indian woman there, one Peggy Read from Woodstock, who was grievously exercised with Fitts.  She was in a Fitt while I was there, and divers of the Select Men.  When I had prayed etc., I returned home.

June 20, 1756

1756 June 20 (Sunday).  Read 1 K. 20, to v. 21.  Gave a long Exposition.  Preached on Prov. 3.17.  P.M. omitted the Reading.  And by Reason of the work of last Week, and what I prepared of the forenoon Exposition I was obliged to repeat an old Sermon with some Alterations and Additions, viz. on Eccl. 8.13.  Ebenezer carryed his Child home.

June 24, 1756

1756 June 24 (Thursday).  Brother Hicks and his son Joshua, the latter returned from the Eastward from Bay Vert here.  I grew not well — but attended the Funeral of Eliza Bond.  My Daughter in Law ventured over here, and I carryed her to her Brother Bonds.  I was ill whilst there and performed the service with much Difficulty.  Had an ill Night.  Having got Cold, was aguish, my stomach acked and my Bones were in Pain.  Ebenezer carryed his Mother to the House of Mourning.  Billy is at the 2d hoing of the Island Field.

June 25, 1756

1756 June 25 (Friday).  Had a bad night, and am much indisposed to Day — much pain in my stomach etc.: was wholly confined — but it is of the Lords Mercy I am not consumed.  Peggy Read said to be dying — sends for me, but I am so ill I can’t go.  It proves also an exceeding rainy time.  At night I was seized by a very violent Ague which held me shaking about half an hour — which was followed with Fever and held me I Suppose all Night.  Sent for Dr. Chase and he Came.  It is altogether uncertain what the Sovereign of my Life is now about to do with me.  May I be prepared for His holy will!  The Indications are now strong.

June 26, 1756

1756 June 26 (Saturday).  Dr. Chase again.  He administers (as far as I discern) judiciously.  Peggy Read is yet living.  I perswade Dr. Chase to go and See her.  My Sons Ebenezer and Thomas go to Brookfield, p.m.  I am Grieved at their setting out so late.  Towards Night Brother Harrington of Watertown, came.  He goes to Deacon Bonds to lodge.  N.B. having agreed to change with Mr. Martyn tomorrow, was obliged to Send over Billy to acquaint him of my Sickness.  When he returns he informs me that they also are in much Affliction, Mrs. Molly being sick and o’Bed, and they had sent for Dr. Morse.  A bright Day.  I took a Cathartick; an infusion of Senna, Liquorish etc.

June 27, 1756

1756 June 27 (Sunday).  I hope I am (through the Goodness of God) a little better.  But it is a Melancholly Day on Account of God’s Sanctuary which is very desolte.  Yet a few do assemble So as to carry on Exercises both a. and p.m.  I Sent ‘em good Mr. Willison on the Sabbath.  Billy walks over (as does Master Gardner) to Mr. Martyns Meeting.  He dines at Mr. Martyns also.  Mrs. Molly Somewhat better, but her Mother is now ill.  Dr. Chase came diligently to See me, both Morning and Evening.  The Indian woman yet alive.  Brother Harrington goes from Deacon Bonds to t’other House and lodges there.

June 28, 1756

1756 June 28 (Monday).  Through the great Goodness of God I gather strength; but I can’t freely read or write yet.  It affects my Eyes and disorders me at my Vitals to attempt much of either.  P.M. to my great Joy, my dear Kinsman Mr. Procter of Boston and his Spouse, came on purpose to make us a visit.  She was never here before.  They tarry with us.  I send their Horse to Mr. Hezekiah Pratts to be kept.  It proves very refreshing to me especially at this time of my illness.  Mr. Jacob Amsden made me a seasonable visit (particularly considering what he brought).  It is the glorious God who over rules every thing in His holy Providence.

June 29, 1756

1756 June 29 (Tuesday).  I grow better, I hope every Day.  Chearfullness with my Relatives, who are here, doubtless promotes it.  The Doctor here once more.  He brings me Bitters.  Mr. Whipple made me a Visit.  The Indian Woman (tis said) recovers — so that she walks about.  Mr. John Morris a wounded, maimed man, here, begging Charity.  Says he is of Uxbridge.  Mr. Jotham Death also here; he had left a Letter begging a Contribution for him, he having been sorrowfully burnt out.  My Kinsfolks here with us.  My sons return from Brookfield.

June 30, 1756

1756 June 30 (Wednesday).  I felt so much better that I venture to ride with my Kinswoman to my sons.  Her Husband walked over.  We dine there.  P.M. my Wife over there also, but all return hither at Eve.  N.B. a little son of Mr. Nathan Maynard, Nehemiah, this morning at play with his little Brother Nathan, has two middle fingers of his Right Hand cutt off, and the forefinger cutt almost off also — doubting whether it can be saved.  A very sorrowfull Providence!  May the Lord sanctify it to them and may his Name be praised and magnifyed for His protecting, guarding and preserving my little sons who are continually extremely Exposed!  I earnestly beg the Continuance thereof!  I hear that Peg Read has walked off from Esq. Bakers.  I doubt not o’ their great Joy.