July 18, 1756

1756 July 18 (Sunday).  Mr. Barrett preached here, a.m. on Ps. 73.26, last Clause.  P.M. on Ps. 17.14, those words, “who have their Portion in this Life.”  I sat with them at Dinner but could not go to Meeting.  Dr. Chase here; leaves me some Lavender only; I having many sorts of Drops and Drugs already.  Rheumatism abates so little that I put on another Blister on (the same) Left Arm.  My Eyes are still Strangely affected — the Balls and up above them in Pain.  N.B. Mr. Barrett read the Proclamation for a Fast and Mr. Jotham Death’s Letter, desiring Contribution.  Mr. Barret left us at Eve.  N.B. Mr. Williams kept his Horse.