July 14, 1756

1756 July 14 (Wednesday).  In the morning was faint and weak indeed!  Neighbour Zebulun Rice (who was here at the time of the working of my physic) came kindly to see me this morning.  Dr. Chase came, and Seems somewhat offended that I had not told him of my Sending for Dr. Wilson.  I gave him my Reasons.  He then chearfully administered of his Druggs.  The Widow Biglow came to work here, making stays for Sarah and Suse.  Mr. Barrett came to see me and dined here.  P.M. Mr. Martyn and his Wife also.  Mr. Barrett prayed.  I gave Mrs. Martyn to understand that I wanted some express manifestation of her Husbands reconciliation to me since those terrible Letters etc.


In the Night Mr. Phinehas Hardy brought up for me a Special supply of Wine, Figgs, Raisins etc.