July 17, 1756

1756 July 17 (Saturday).  My Blister was well drawn, but the Effects are, apparently, but Small on the Side of Success, as yet.  The Pain in my right Knee is very afflicting.  A favour that little Sophy is playfull again.  Lt. Tainter brings a Load of Wood, and kills a Calf for us.  Our Orchard field was Sowed yesterday when My sons began to plough and Hill the Indian Corn there, and to day partly work there (Thomas but a Spell, a.m.) and secure part of the Hay in [of?] the Home Lot.  N.B. I went down to dinner with my Family, but it was with great Difficulty, my stomach being much against the Food, which yet was very good and entertaining to all who were in any Health.  O may I see, and be conformed to the Hand of God upon Me!  P.M. to my great Joy came my Brother Samuel Parkman from Boston to see me, and Mr. Forb. with him.  Towards Eve Mr. Barrett came, and Mr. Forb. is to go to Hopkinton.  Mr. Barrett and my Brother lodge here.