August 1, 1756

1756 August 1 (Sunday).  I am, through divine Mercy, Somewhat easier, and can, though with Pain and difficulty, walk about the room.  There was a Small Assembly, but no body to preach.  Sent ‘em Judge Hale’s Great Audit, which they read a. and p.m.  The Doctor Called in here both a. and p.m.  May God have Compassion on us, and shew us His Goodness in His own Time!  May He be as a little Sanctuary to us who are at home, as well as His Goings be Seen in His Temple!  N.B. Not a few are detained at Home with me: My Wife who is full of Pains and Smart in her Feet; Billy, who is poisoned; and Sarah who is greatly indisposed to Day: These, besides divers little ones.  N.B. I begin to anoint pained spots and Joints with Marshmallows.

August 2, 1756

1756 August 2 (Monday).  Am Seized in my left Knee and especially my left Foot.  This gives a great Addition to my sorrow.  The Lord Support me under this grievous Evil!  And fitt me for what I have yet to undergo!  My right foot is somewhat easier.  D.G.  But my Right Hand is worse — so that I write any Thing with great Difficulty.


Seth Woods, from Jonas Bradish, reaps in my Rye Field.  P.M. Capt. Benjamin Wood, of Hopkinton Sent his son with a present of Rum, Veal, etc.  Mrs. Rolf, and Mrs. Lucy Forb. visit: the latter Shaved me.

August 3, 1756

1756 August 3 (Tuesday).  My Right Hand still swelled and pained, my left Knee and Foot are also so bad that I can very Scarcely take one step; till near Night — when I walked a little.  No Doctor, though he (Dr. Chase) said he’d come yesterday.  I’m much the same.  My Rheumatism is uncorrected to this Day: but I wait the divine Will!  Messrs. Martyn and Stone here, going to Uxbridge on their Woodstock Affair.  Jonas Bradish comes p.m. with a Team and gets in my Rye which Seth Woods and my sons had reaped — Mr. Rolf with him.  N.B. Old Mrs. Whipple and Mr. Jos. Greens Wife, and Mrs. Harrington here the Afternoon.

August 4, 1756

1756 August 4 (Wednesday).  Am still in much the Same Condition (except that my Shoulder is easier).  My Hand etc.  No Doctor comes.  At Evening comes Lt. Tainter from Boston with various Supplys for me.  And N.B. Lieutenant gave Mr. Jos. Stratton of Waltham a Note from me for 50£ of Money, Old Tenor which he promises to deliver for me, next Week to Mrs. Stoddard at Boston.


At Night Messrs. Martyn and Stone return home from Uxbridge.

August 5, 1756

1756 August 5 (Thursday).  I am Still in the same grievous State of Pain and Weakness.  The Medicine recommended from Rev. Mr. Fishs, viz. Piony Oake Steeped in West India Rum, I begin to take to day — the Dose 1 spoonful 4 times a day.  My Wife also takes it.  Mr. Martyn and his Brother Monis visit me; as does Mr. Smith of Marlborough and dine with us.  The 2 former p.m. visit their Uncle Bradish.  Mr. Smith prayed with me.  My Left Hip begins to be pained.

August 7, 1756

1756 August 7 (Saturday).  I rise in a poor, low, pained state.  My left Hip Bone and the great Bones on which I sit, are full of Pain.  We go on with the Piony-Oak — waiting for Gods Blessing!  A.M. Mr. Whitney shaves me, and though I am in danger of taking Cold, yet I hope it is to my Comfort.  At Eve it rains.  N.B. Billy desired to work at Mr. Nurse’s, that Nathan Kenny may help him, and accordingly goes there till the Rain, and then returns.

August 8, 1756

1756 August 8 (Sunday).  I had reason to hope for help from Mr. Asaph Rice who I hope has been examined and approbated.  Or that if he did not come personally, Mr. Fish would come in Stead: but neither of them came and we were again sorrowfully destitute.  A.M. I Sent them Mr. Willison of Dundee, on the Sabbath from page 114.  P.M. I sent Mr. Trails Sermon on Heb. 10.23.  This was at the Request of Lt. Tainter and a Number with him.  N.B. the former brought the Book.  Old Deacon Forb. and Master Gardner dined here.  There was a considerable Assembly in the after, as well as forenoon.  May God accept their Offerings!  And in His Pity remember me!  I enjoyed a Measure of Comfort till my Left Hand, which had been preserved to me hitherto, began to be seized.  Towards Eve, my Wrist swelling and burning, I anointed with Marsh Mallows Ointment but it Soon grew So very bad that I was forced to apply another Blister.

August 9, 1756

1756 August 9 (Monday).  Last Night was the most restless, distressing and Sleepless, of any I have had yet.  May God Sanctify this time especially to me!  But in the Morning I was much easier.  D.G.  My Blister drew and run at an Extraordinary rate; and I had (through the Goodness of God) a comfortable Day in General.  P.M. Deacon Forbush and his Wife; Rev. Cushing, Mrs. Molly Martyn and Mrs. Molly Holy Oake, Mr. Nurse and his Wife besides Several Others, came to see Me.  Nathan Kenny helped Billy thrash Rye.

August 10, 1756

1756 August 10 (Tuesday).  I had a Somewhat easy and agreeable Night; but yet the Morning was gloomy — my Spirits low; my stomach with Burden and Burning.  My Right Ankle outside Bone is Sore and Pained.  In the Afternoon I was more easy and lively.  A.M. Messrs. Whipple and Samuel Fay junior here going to Boston.  I committ the New Chrystalling my Watch to the Care of Mr. Whipple, and to Mr. Fay to bring it up.  Mr. McAllister and his Wife made me a Visit and dined with us.  A very Christian and kind Visit!

August 12, 1756

1756 August 12 (Thursday).  Mr. Samuell Fay junior returns from Boston — brings me some more West India Rum to steep Piony Oake in; for I Still resolve to proceed, by the will of God to take it further, though it is as yet a matter of Doubt whether it has been of expected service to me or not.  I have not so much of Pain in my Limbs to day, as weakness, and general Debility.  Yet I find my Heart too apt to cool, and turn to Earthly Things.

August 14, 1756

1756 August 14 (Saturday).  It was too heavy Weather for me to go out: and I am somewhat worse by my Rheumatism but especially by a sore Throat.  Mr. Daniel Forb. dined with us.  N.B. He undertakes my Kitchin Hearth — to get the Stones, bring and lay ‘em.  P.M. came Mr. Fish of Upton instead of Mr. Asaph Rice, who is approbated to preach and is to preach for him tomorrow.  My sore Throat increases much at Night.

August 16, 1756

1756 August 16 (Monday).  Thomas goes over to help Ebenezer.  N.B. he was there all last Week.  I Send Billy there also.  Brother Hicks going down again upon his Collins Affair.  Old Major Keyes of Shrewsbury comes to see me, and dines with us.  It is both entertaining and usefull to hear the Accounts of the Antient People who knew and heard the first Settlers, many of them and Saw their Circumspection and Strictness.  May We be followers of them who through Faith and Patience do inherit the Promises!  My Rheumatism is not now so troublesome as my sore Throat, and the general Weakness of my Limbs.  Breck and John go to School to Mr. Gardner as far as Mr. Jos. Green’s.

August 18, 1756

1756 August 18 (Wednesday).  Had not a very good Night, yet was it followed with a pritty good Day, being more easy in my Limbs, freer in my Throat, and lively in my Spirits.  Was able, through divine Goodness to do Somewhat in Sermonizing.  Mr. Rolf here, and has my Mare to go to Worcester, to return to Night.  N.B. Thomas came home from his Brothers this Morning but Billy remains there still.

August 20, 1756

1756 August 20 (Friday).  Dr. Crosby came here with Mrs. Upham, Wife of Dr. Upham of Brookfield.  Mr. Isaac Baldwin (Father of Capt. Jeduthun) came to see us and to ask our Approbation of his son Jeduthuns proceedings with our Daughter Lucy — and he accordingly addressed us both on that Occasion.  I was not So well to day as Yesterday, my Limbs being much pained yet.

August 22, 1756

1756 August 22 (Sunday).  Mr. Asaph Rice preached all Day, on Ps. 41.4.  I went to meeting both parts of the Day, and prayed after p.m. sermon.  Thanks be to God!  Master Gardner dined with us.  But O that we might be Sensible how wounded and diseased our Souls are, and might repair to God in Christ for the great Mercy of Healing which our souls need!  Mr. Rice lodged here.

August 23, 1756

1756 August 23 (Monday).  Mr. Rice left us.  Mr. Hezekiah Pratt gives me a Note of 12£ Old Tenor which will be payable Dec. 25 Next; this he Offers me for the remains of my Old Cyder Mill.  P.M. My Wife and I rode out, and visited at several Houses — viz. Deacon Forb., Deacon Bonds, Mr. Jonah Warrins.  Billy goes again to Ebenezers to work for him.

August 24, 1756

1756 August 24 (Tuesday).  Mr. Stone came here on purpose to endeavour to get me with him to Ministers Meeting.  I accordingly went with him.  The Meeting was at Mr. Cushings; and I arrived there in a Measure of Comfort, except my Right Hand, Shoulder and Ankles, which had Still Pain in them.  Through divine favour I was able to attend the Concio (it was Mr. Stone’s on Eph. 4.4) and the Conversation etc. but retired to Bed early — lodged at Mr. Cushings.

August 25, 1756

1756 August 25 (Wednesday).  I rose early.  My Feet and Ankles weak and lame.  I went to the Public Lecture and heard Mr. Smith, who preached on Act. 2.42, a very seasonable, useful Sermon.  May God bless it to both Ministers and People.  P.M. I rode with Messrs. Stone, Smith and Seccomb to Mr. Martyns.  N.B. Mr. Martyn has carryed down his Son Natty, to Marlborough to Dr. Dexter’s, who gives great Encouragement concerning the Sore, that he Shall effect the Cure of it.  I returned home in safety.  D.G.  N.B. Ebenezer got in the last of my Oates and finished his own Haying.

August 26, 1756

1756 August 26 (Thursday).  Am Sorry that one of my Swine, while I was gone, did Mischief in my Neighbour Beeton’s Field.  I viewed his Fence; and found that by measure the Rails, between which the Hog got in, were 14 Inches apart.  P.M. Daniel Miller came here under Grievance, for my Talk about him representing him as ridiculous if not also Scandalous — Upon which I sat before him the great Indecency of Christians being careless of their Garb and Appearance when they come to the House of God: and in particular of his coming bare foot and bare legged etc. etc.

August 27, 1756

1756 August 27 (Friday).  I was not So well as of late.  My Shoulder and Hand were as Usual, Pained, and the latter Swelled: but my Knees were feeble, and I fear the Distempers Settling upon me: but I am never the less the chief of the Day employed in my Study — reading, thinking, writing.  Capt. Fay to See Me.  Several women P.M.  Billy was again with Ebenezer but p.m. went with him to the great Pond with a Team and got a Load of Sand for the Floor.

August 29, 1756

1756 August 29 (Sunday).  Mr. Weld preached a. and p.m. on Luk. 2.25, those words — The Consolation of Israel.  I went to Meeting all Day and prayed after the last Sermon.  I am evidently Stronger in Body, but Some of my Limbs are weak.  May I be a Sharer among those to whom the Lord Jesus Christ is So glorious a Consolation!  Mr. Weld at Eve left us to go to Mr. Ebenezer Fisks in Grafton.