May 31, 1759

1759 May 31 (Thursday).  At the Convention — expressed my Sense of the Regard Shewn me — but that I know not what to think of accepting it.  Was soon overpowered by Mr. Moderator, Mr. Appleton and a Number More.  Report of the Committee in Answer to the honorable Board read — and after a few amendments Voted, and a Contribution for printing it.  Mr. Pemberton preached on Rom. 11.13.  N.B. the Lt. Governor and a Number of the Council present.  The Collection something more than £300 old Tenor.  Dined at Mr. Pembertons.  N.B. His Honour the Lt. Governor, Rev. Messrs. Chipman, Josiah Cotton, Byles, Morehead, Thomas Prentice, Mat. Bridge, Badger — and Mr. Cary, were the Company.  [illegible] I Returned to the Convention it was but a few Minutes, having much Business and many visits to make.  At Eve at Mr. John Brecks.  Lodged at my eldest Brothers.