May 4, 1759

1759 May 4 (Friday).  My wife so much better that She rides in a Chair to Neighbour Nurse’s.  I had been there in the morning and prayed with him.  Alex. and Enoch Rice with two Yoke of Cattle, viz. Mr. Zebulun Rice’s and Capt. Woods — and Mr. Nurse’s large plough, plow part of my stubble.  P.M. ride with my Daughter Forb. to her Brother Forb. and thence to the Funeral of Mr. Elijah Rice’s Child Sarah of about 3 and ½.  Visited Ensign Miller who is sick.  N.B. My son Forb. goes to Uxbridge, to See Mr. Jos. Manning in order to obtain him to preach for him, when he goes into the Camp.  N.B. By reason of the Extraordinary Heat and Dryness of the Season there is an Extraordinary putting forth of the Trees — and some Trees are blossomed, full out.  A great Alteration this very day.  Baldwin and his wife came.