May 15, 1759

1759 May 15 (Tuesday).  Suse’s Meazles come out full.  She keeps her Bed, but, through Mercy, is not extreme bad.  Am troubled about my planting, having no body to work, not so much as Alexander freely, he having much Lameness in his wounded Legg.  Yet many of my Neighbours have done planting.  I went to Mr. Ebenezer Forb. and obtained him to come, some time before noon.  Neighbour Batherick Sent two of his Sons and his Horse to furrow in my Island — but they neither came to dinner nor worked the afternoon.  With much pains got a Team for Mr. Forb. to carry out Some Muck, but by various hindrances he accomplished but part of the work.  I was obliged to go away from home, to visit Mrs. Bowman who is very bad: and sent for me.