June 1, 1759

1759 June 1 (Friday).  Visit Dr. P________s Widow.  Am grieved to see the Decay and Destruction of my dear Brother Elias’s Estate.  Little Elias sick of a Fever.  Breakfast with sister Rebecca.  Bought my Wife a Chints Gown at Deacon Simsons.  Leave Dr. Wheats (where my Daughter Baldwin is) after noon.  Rode to Mrs. Hills at Cambridge.  Payed her principal and Interest £115 and odd money, old Tenor and took up my note.  Dined there, at near 4 o’Clock p.m.  Visit Mr. Stratton of Waltham and widow Baldwin of Sudbury.  Got to Wards of Marlborough about 9.  Paid my Interest there.  Arrived at home about 11 at Night.

June 6, 1759

1759 June 6 (Wednesday).  Cornelius Cook of Wrentham here.  Lecture on Mal. 3.7.  Master Fessenden here after Lecture.  I visit the widow Warrin, whose little son Daniel is sick.  N.B. I had visited Mr. Nurse a.m. who after his sore was dressed (which I saw and assisted in) was thought to be dying, but revived.

June 7, 1759

1759 June 7 (Thursday).  Was much hindred by the Affair of Mr. Noah How — yet he came not as was agreed.  My Daughter Baldwin had appointed to come up from Boston, and with her Miss Hannah Wheat, and her Brother would wait on ‘em — but they did not come as was expected.  It proves very difficult stirring by Reason of the Rain.  Mr. How came near night — so that I was obliged to dismiss him and his Affair, Sending him up to Squire Baker to help him.  After nine at Night Moses Nurse sends for me to Visit his Father who they think will not live out the Night.  Went in the Storm — conversed and prayed with him.  Returned about 11.

June 8, 1759

1759 June 8 (Friday).  Am greatly distressed on Account of the British Fleet in the Eastern Seas and going up St. Lawrence — it being very Tempestuous.  The Lord remember his people and His Cause!  at this Necessitous Juncture!  for his great Mercys Sake!  P.M. Mr. Noah How here.  I finished the Draught of his Will for him, because (being a Batteau-Man) he is to march tomorrow morning.  At Eve I went to see Mr. Nurse and prayed with him.

June 9, 1759

1759 June 9 (Saturday).  At Eve came My Daughter Baldwin accompanyed with Master Moses Wheat and his sister Miss Hannah Wheat.  They came from Boston last Wednesday night and tarried over the storm at Squire Brighams at Marlborough.  My Daughter Seems Somewhat better.  N.B. Master Moses went to Capt. Maynards where he left his Sister, and there they lodged.  N.B. They bring sad News of Cousen Winter’s being at the Point of Death, being given over, in great measure, by the Physicians.

June 10, 1759

1759 June 10 (Sunday).  Read Neh. 9 and Act. 19.  Preached a.m. on 1 Cor. 11.23 — p.m. on Eph. 4.18.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  Admitted Mr. John Belknap and wife and Mrs. Pratt wife of Hezekiah into the Church.  Mr. Ebenezer Nurse dyed about 2 this Morning, having lain in a very afflicted Condition for about 5 Months, under the holy and Sovereign Hand of God.  May it be sanctifyed to all of us who are round about; but especially to those more nearly concerned!  N.B. Mrs. Maynard and Miss Hannah Wheat dined here and the latter lodged here.

June 11, 1759

1759 June 11 (Monday).  Mr. Moses Wheat came with Chair and Horses; and my Daughters Baldwin, Sarah and Susan rode with him and his sister to Capt. Maynards, where having dined, they went to Capt. Allens at Shrewsbury.  Cousen Maynard went not with them for she was taken ill of the Meazles.  I visited Lt. Rolfs Son who is very ill.  I sell 7 Barrells of Cyder to Adam Rice for 40/ per Barrell.  P.M. attended the Funeral of Mr. Ebenezer Nurse.  At Eve My Children returned from Shrewsbury and Mr. Wheat and his sister lodged here.  N.B. Rev. Mr. Jacob Eliot of Goshon in Lebanon here.  Master Fessenden here.  He borrows Dr. Souths Works Vol. 2, fol.

June 12, 1759

1759 June 12 (Tuesday).  My Daughter Baldwin and the Company that kindly waited upon her here left us to go to Concord and Newtown, and design to return to Boston tomorrow.  I carryed my Wife over to see her Cousen Maynard who is confined by the Meazles.  N.B. Much perplexed and disappointed in the Article of an Horse to plough among my Corn.  None to be had, though it is only for a beginning, that a Number of Hands who propose to come to hoe for me tomorrow may not stand still when they come.  But I can obtain none — till I ride to Deacon Tainters — who presently told me he had purposed to come to my House upon this very Affair.  He takes his Horse from his own plough and rides with me and (Alexander being gone to Neighbour Nathan Maynards to work for him in his Weeding, since I can’t go about my own, the Deacon) takes Samme and goes to ploughing in my Field at the Island.  For whose His kind and generous Disposition, may God Himself reward him!  Deacon Bond p.m. brought two load of Wood.

June 13, 1759

1759 June 13 (Wednesday).  I rode to Southborough.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  Sundry of his Children have the Meazles, viz. Miss Mary, Joanna, Thomas and Peter.  I preached the Lecture on Eph. 1.7, former part, to page [blank].  In returning called at the Widow Bents and paid her my Note (the principal), which I gave her on my son Ebenezers Account with Mr. Ebenezer Rice.  N.B. she could not find the Note; so she gave me a Receipt, viz. of 3£ old Tenor.  N.B. Deacon Tainter ploughed in my Island Field, and Mr. Ithamar Bellows and son, Seth Woods, James Bellows, Ebenezer Chamberlin junior, [blank] Belknap, and [blank] Woods came and hoed the most of that piece.  For which I desire to thank God who inclines them thereto — and may God Bless Each of them.

June 15, 1759

1759 June 15 (Friday).  Mr. Moses Twtichell works for me, hoeing and ploughing.  Dr. Crosby acquaints me that Mr. Tainters Child has the Quinzy and desires me to go and see it.  It is with great Difficulty — yet I went — dined there — went to Monsr. Leblanc’s, because his son in Law Joseph [Prowaer?] from Manchester, with Wife and Child were there.  Mr. Moses Twitchell plowing and hoeing.

June 16, 1759

1759 June 16 (Saturday).  This Day, being according the Old Stile the 15th, makes up Thirty five Years Since I gave my Answer to the Call given by the Town of Westborough to settle in the Work of the Ministry among them.  And to Day (by the kind Motion and Endeavours of Capt. Benjamin Wood) Eleven persons came gratis and hoed my Field at the back of the Meeting House.  They were, Capt. Wood and his Son, Mr. Williams and his son, Mr. Daniel Hardy, Mr. Hezekiah Pratt, Mr. Moses Twitchell, John How, Adam Rice, Amon Le Blanc for Capt. Fay, and William Bowman for Neighbour Barny Newton, and they finished the Field by 11 a.m.  A great Kindness and Relief to me!  May God Himself reward them!  Mr. Twitchell tarried and helped me in the East Yard, till noon, and dined with us.  P.M. Mr. Davidson, of Douglas, heretofore of Sutton, concerning whom so much was done there and at Oxford, was here, and detained me a great While: but it does not appear to be in my power to give him peace.

June 17, 1759

1759 June 17 (Sunday).  Read Neh. 10 and Act. 20.  Preached a.m. on Eph. 1.11 and p.m. on Eph. 4.18.  Mrs. Hardy, wife of Phinehas, widow Thankfull and Widow Elizabeth Rogers dined here.  After Exercises we attended the Funeral of Mr. Benjamin Tainters youngest son, Josiah-Wood Tainter, who dyed by the Canker, and very soon.  Capt. Wood and I rode together in his Chair.

June 18, 1759

1759 June 18 (Monday).  Visited Hannah Woods (eldest Daughter of Widow Patience), She being exercised with grievous Fitts.  Visit also Ensign Miller and dined there.  P.M. Mr. Richard Kelly here; have Controversie with him about the Doctrine delivered yesterday of the divine Decrees.  N.B. Adam Rice draws off and loads up 6 Barrells of Cyder which he buys of me, together with a 7th to fill up with; and gives me 40/ old Tenor per Barrell.  He sat out for Boston this Evening in Company with several other Neighbours with their Teams — and some with Cyder.

June 19, 1759

1759 June 19 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter was so kind as to take my Mare to teach her to draw, and I had his sons young mare to ride to Holden, it being the Time of Association there.  The Ministers there were Messrs. Cushing, Martyn, Stone, Smith, Buckminster, Morse.  See Association Minutes.  Lodged at Mr. Davis’s.  N.B. Mr. Davis much out of Health.

June 20, 1759

1759 June 20 (Wednesday).  This Day was to have been a Fast; but we have information that next Week is to be a public Fast through the Province.  At the Lecture Mr. Mellen prayed and Mr. Cushing preached on Hab. 3.2.  N.B. Mr. Maccarty came to Day, and with him Sir Sparhawk.  There came also Mr. Farrar, a young preacher.  When I came home, found that Capt. Allen and his Wife had been here this Afternoon (though they knew I was not at home) and my Wife also was gone to see her Cousen Maynard.  N.B. Artemas Bruce has brought up the Baldwin Horse here.

June 23, 1759

1759 June 23 (Saturday).  Sent a Letter to Brother Hicks, in answer to his of the 18th in which he replys to my Daughter Sarahs concerning Money which She delivered him when he went to Boston, to lay out for her.  My Letter I gave to one Mr. Offin Burnham of Sutton.  My Wife went to Mrs. Dunlops and Mrs. Pierce’s.  Mr. Fessenden and his Brother here.

June 24, 1759

1759 June 24 (Sunday).  Rode over to the North End, and preached there a. and p.m. on Eph. 1.7 and baptized Samuel the son of Samuel Allen.  At Eve I returned.  Mr. Martyn came here and preached a.m. on Prov.  P.M. he preached on 2 Cor. 3.18.  Master Fessenden and his Brother, also Mrs. Hannah Rugg, heretofore Pratt, dined here.  John broke out with the Meazles yesterday; to Day is pritty full — has a Fever.  Is confined to the Chamber and bears it patiently.  I desire to committ this matter to God relying upon His infinite Goodness and mercy to my Children who are exposed to be exercised with the Distemper.

June 27, 1759

1759 June 27 (Wednesday).  Dr. Charles Pyncheon of Springfield here at Mr. Forbush’s request that something might be done about Dr. Wilsons going Surgeon of the first Battalion under Brigadier Ruggles.  Nathan Kenny mowed my fore Yard, Garden and part of my little pasture.  I am my self most closely engaged in my preparations.

June 29, 1759

1759 June 29 (Friday).  Visited at Mr. Eleazer Williams, his oldest Daughter ill and languishing, and 3 or 4 others sick of the Meazles, and prayed there.  Visit Joseph Harrington who is sick of a Fever and prayed there.  After dining at home attended the Burying of Mr. Eb. Chamberlins infant Child.  N.B. Mr. Joslin uneasy that I don’t baptize Jenny Maynards Child on his account, he having taken it to bring it up; whereas the parents are rather to be laboured with and brought to their Duty, that it may be done upon their Account and not a strangers.

June 30, 1759

1759 June 30 (Saturday).  Yesterday Morning Mrs. Hannah Rice came early to desire me to let her go and live in my t’other House (though there is a Family there already).  To Day having thought of the matter (as I told her I would) I Sent her word that I declined it, because of the Difficult Circumstances of my Case — upon which she sent me a Letter full of Resentment — and to which I thought it necessary to write some Reply.  N.B. Mr. Whitney, Deacon Tainter and his son, and Mr. Joseph Bruce came to help me in half-hilling.  A valuable Token of their Kindness.  May God reward ‘em for it!  P.M. Mr. Fessenden at Tea here.