May 11, 1759

1759 May 11 (Friday).  A very dark, distressing Day to the Council, on consideration of what we feel in it.  The Council Last night had determined there Should be a Result, and the Committee to draw it were Parkman, Dunbar, the two scribes, viz. Morse and Maccarty, and young Mr. Dorr.  To Day they accomplished it — and about 11 a.m. were ready to present it, but the aggrieved Party sent the Council a Paper Shewing that there were some Evidences which they wanted we should hear, which had not yet been called for.  Therefore the Partys were called in, and a great Conference ensued, and hearing of more Evidences.  This not only retarded the Council, but much embarrassed us.  Nay some of the Members, Mr. Webb and Mr. Gleason, had hot Contests.  Late p.m. our Result being finished was voted, signed and we published it.  Rev. Mr. Dunbar prayed after reading it.  Then the Council was Dissolved, and I returned home.  Mr. Smith with me, and he though late and in the Rain continued his journey, designing to reach his own Family.