May 30, 1759

1759 May 30 (Wednesday).  Mr. Parsons of Bradford preached the Election sermon on Esth. 10.3.  Dined in Faneuil Hall.  Attended the Convention at Dr. Sewalls.  Mr. Wigglesworth of Ipswich Hamlet moderator and prayed.  A message from the Honorable Board, signed by the Lieut. Governor to the Convention concerning the Indecencys and Disorders at Ordinations.  A Committee was Chosen to consider this important Affair: All the Convention, as one Man, heartily desirous to have those great Disorders reformed.


I left the Convention before they proceeded to the Choice of a Second to Mr. Balch, the preacher for Next Year.  Visit Mr. Procter.  Visit my Daughter Baldwin at Dr. Wheats.  In the Way there Mr. Jones of Western saluted me as Elected etc.  May God grant me a due sense of my Insufficiency, and Direct me to what is my Duty upon this Special Occasion!  Lodged at Brother Samuels.  N.B. First Visited Mrs. Simson, heretofore Messinger.