May 8, 1759

1759 May 8 (Tuesday).  I rode to the Council at Sutton.  Deacon Bond does not go with me but designs to meet me there.  Mr. Smith of Marlborough and Deacon Wood come.  Deacon Tainter also accompany me.  N.B. Neighbour Joseph Baker sends an Hand to plough.  Capt. Woods and Neighbour Nurse’s Oxen.  At Sutton we repair to Mr. Bucks.  Rev. Weld and Delegates absent.  Rev. Rice and Delegates came, but not having been there at the former session, were not of the Council because they were not before — 12 Churches by their Pastors and Delegates constitute this Council.  We proceeded to our Business.  I lodged at Mr. Welmans, and Mr. Dorr, Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Smith lodges there also.