May 13, 1759

1759 May 13 (Sunday).  My Wife goes to Meeting.  Read Neh. 5.  Preach a.m. on v. 10 using my Exposition on the 8th Commandment that part which is on Usury.  P.M. read Act 15.  Preached on Ps. 34.14, using sermon on Rom. 12.18 from p. 14 at the bottom to the End, omitting the Additions.  Mr. Fessenden dined here; as did Mrs. Tainter and her sister Harrington of Framingham.  N.B. I publickly acquainted the Church in general with what we did at Sutton; and both the Church and Congregation with the Association Fast at Shrewsbury next Wednesday.  Sundry Upton people here, Mr. Fish being confined by the Meazles.