May 26, 1759

1759 May 26 (Saturday).  He left us.  I visited Mr. Nurse.  He desired his Wife and the Nurse to go out of the room.  He would fain defend himself against what I said to him on the 24th.  He wonders how he can be thought to be guilty of those sins which he says he always hated in others.  Yet I endeavour to fasten the Admonition: prayed with him: he desires I would not so much as once think he is angry with me for my plainness.  Mr. Marshall Baker here.  Mr. Thomas Twitchell informs me that Mrs. Bowman dyed to Day about 12 o’Clock.  By my visiting the Sick, by various Company etc., this week, have been greatly taken off from my studys: but especially by Mr. Fosters’s coming; and then pleading off from preaching for me: and by Time spent in trying to get an Horse to go to Boston next Week.  Cousen Needham came.