January 29, 1752

1752 January 29 (Wednesday).  This Day 16 year Was a most gloomy time when I lost my former wife.  I would remember the wormwood and the gall, and my soul has reasons to be humbled within me.  But how gracious God has been in preserving and sparing me so long!  May God grant me His Grace to enable me to improve his long suffering!  Mr. Smith[1] came from Marlborough to see me, and brings a young lady with him, one Mrs. Lydia Coit of Boston.  Their coming prevented our going abroad to Day also.  They dined here and tarryed till nigh night when it snowed and the storm increased.  At Eve Mr. Williams and Mr. Batherick here.  N.B. the errand which the latter acquaints me with from Daniel Bond of Watertown concerning Mrs. Elizabeth Harrington.  Ebenezer here likewise.  N.B. Messrs. Daniel and Jonathan Forbush, Martin Pratt, and Elijah Rice, brought each of them a load of wood, and Mr. Edwards Whipple ditto.

[1]The Reverend Aaron Smith.  The matter concerned the future marriage of Elizabeth and Ebenezer, Jr.