January 22, 1752

1752 January 22 (Wednesday).  Mr. Francis Whipple a large load of wood.  N.B. Mr. Williams here.  P.M. Mr. John Martyn junior and his sister, my son Ebenezer and Daughters Molly and Lucy here.  I rode out again as far as Mr. Claffands.  N.B. Lieutenant Tainter carry’d to Boston a Calf for me which he killed the Eve before last.  Was not in general so well as yesterday.  May I wait the Will of God!  N.B. Dr. Smith[1] and Granny Forbush[2] here.

[1]Joshua Smith, the physician of Shrewsbury.

[2]The widow of Deacon Thomas Newton.  [Additional note: Walett meant to describe her as the widow Thomas Forbush.]