January 16, 1752

1752 January 16 (Thursday).  Another Comfortable Night (through Divine Mercy) yet very faint Morning.  I perceive I go down Hill apace.  Though Dr. Chase is very faithful and very generous, yet he is young and I am not content without further advice.  Sent for Neighbour Pratt, that he might go to Dr. Scammell;[1] he came but could not go for the Doctor.  He went to Deacon Newton and he consented and went.  He returned at Evening without him, but brought a portion of Rhubarb corrected with oyl of Cinnamon.  Memorandum.  I consumed Number of Journals from February 19, 1719 through to April 1723 containing numberless puerilities and better destroyed than preserved.[2]  As Mr. Jonah Warrin brought a Load of Wood on the seventh at Evening and on the eleventh Day Mr. Sam Harrington another, this Day Mr. Samuel Hardy and James Miller junior brought each of them a load as they went to the meadows for hay.  At Eve Dr. Chase here and advises to take the Rhubarb ut Supr.  N.B. Forbush receiv’d a call from Brookfield and is here at Eve.

[1]Samuel Scannell, the physician of Milford.

[2]It is regrettable that Parkman destroyed these early years of the diary, kept while he was at Harvard College and before he accepted the call to Westborough.