January 18, 1752

1752 January 18 (Saturday).  Exceeding low and faint at first waking which was long before Day and continued so till I got up, and some time in the morning about 11 a.m. came Dr. Scammell.  He says I have no Hectick, advises to Bitters and nutritious Diet, but forbids all Volatiles.  I sent for Dr. Chase but he was gone out of town.  Dr. Scammel to Colonel Nahum Wards and returned p.m.  Captain Maynard[1] visited me.  Mr. Jacob Cushing[2] came to assist me tomorrow and lodged here.  In general I was better through the Day than I expected.  D.G.

[1]Parkman’s old friend, Captain John Maynard.

[2]Jacob (Harvard 1748), the son of the Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury, became the minister of Waltham in 1752.  Ward, Shrewsbury, p. 254.