January 1, 1752

1752 January 1 (Wednesday).  Through the amazing Patience and Longsuffering of God, I am permitted to begin another New Year.  Blessed be His glorious Name!  May God be pleased to continue his great Mercy and Goodness, choose out our Changes for us, and prepare both me and mine for all His holy Will!  This last Night and this Morning were intense Cold.  I think I scarce ever was more sensible of the frostiness of the Air at any Time whatsoever.  The Lord extend his pity to the poor, and whoever are in Distress at this so uncommon season!  Ebenezer came over with a side of Beef, being part of our Chamberlin Cow.  Mr. Whitney[1] was here and said something of the Difficulty last Lords Day, showing himself to be one of those who was in some measure dissatisfyed about the Sudbury affair; but after hearing what I had to say, he was so easy as to say no more about it.

[1]Nathaniel Whitney, a selectman of Westborough.