January 2, 1752

1752 January 2 (Thursday).  At Deacon Newton’s[1] a.m.  The Deacon did not begin with me, but I with him about the uneasiness in the Church about the Sudbury affair; and being the private Meeting was to be at his House this Afternoon I would have him tell the Brethren when they are there — that I was perswaded they mistook my Design that Sabbath, but however, since I now know their minds, and that their inclination was to have had opportunity to pass a vote — if it were to do again, I would not do as I did.  Least the Deacon should mistake my meaning I sent Billy with a note — at Eve came the Deacon, as if I had unraveled by my paper what I had spoke by word of mouth.  With him came Captain Baker, Lieutenant Tainter, Lieutenant Bruce,[2] Mr. Francis Whipple, Mr. Daniel Hardy, and after them Lieutenant Bruce and Mr. Batheric.[3]  By what they said I was so convinced of my omitting to deliver some things concerning my Conference with Captain Richardson etc. that I believed my Conduct at that Time when I dismissed the Church appeared exceptional and as if I bore upon their privilege.  I told ‘em it must needs be through such omissions that I was sorry — they all listened satisfyed but I had a night of oppressing Thought, and sinking Faintness at my Heart, which was very distressing.  Mr. Isaac Harrington here to tell me my piggs were at Mr. Thomas Axtell’s.

[1]Josiah Newton.

[2]Abijah Bruce.

[3]David Batherick.