January 28, 1752

1752 January 28 (Tuesday).  Brother Hicks and his son John here.  They are going down to Cambridge to old Mr. Hicks’s[1] Funeral.  Mr. Whitney here with 10 chairs which he has bottomed for me, Two arm chairs and 8 others.  Mr. Eliezer Rice here, he desires to discourse with me and asks Mr. Whitney to go along with us.  He asks a Church Meeting again and I immediately grant it.  I say all I can safely to him for reconcilement.  He says there is nobody that takes any care of his Soul, (referring, I suppose, to his absenting himself from meeting without anybody minding it, for which reasons might be given).  N.B. He asked whether we should not strive to forget as well as forgive — when there had been nothing ripened so far as forgiveness.  I asked him whether he was sorry for his passed Conduct and would endeavour after true affectionate regarded to me hence forward?  but he made me no answer to it.  He goes away temperately.  My Daughter Molly came and lodged here in order to my riding abroad with her Mother to Marlborough if I be able — but the weather proves too rough and Cold.

[1]Zechariah Hicks, a carpenter of Cambridge, died Jan. 27, 1752, aged 94.  He was the father of John Hicks of Sutton.  Paige, Cambridge, p. 580.