April 28, 1775

1775 April 28 (Friday).  The last night was very restless to me, viewing the increase of our Troubles — Boston close shut up, and the inhabitants in the utmost Danger.  Not a [illegible] for my Son and Brother etc.  In the morning walked up to Lt. [Bakers?] to Speak with Aaron Warrin, son of Deacon Jonas Warrin of Upton.  Agreed with him to live with me and do my work six months for 75£ old Tenor.  He begins to Day — and I am to let him have a few Things out of my sons Shop pritty Soon; also Some Money once in a while, if he shall need it (when he has earned it) and he is not to disappoint me.  A Small Company of Soldiers from Norfolk, which I wait on with Drink before my Door.  At Eve come Mr. Loyd, his Wife and three Children, William, Samuel Parkman, and Sally, going to Branford.  No Watch at the meeting House to night.  Sophy has a Letter from Breck, that he inclines to ‘list, but has not.  He thinks to return home.  N.B. An Admirable Company from New Haven, under Capt. Benedict Arnold, have marched down.  But many Soldiers are daily returning home to Connecticut.