April 20, 1775

1775 April 20 (Thursday).  Deacon Merriam having been to Concord last Eve, returns this morning, and relates that the K’s Troops had been there, and did much Mischief — at the magazine in Special; to Flower, Ordnance, Ammunition, Houses (Several set on Fire), a number on both sides Slain.  But the Regulars returned to Boston.  A Number of Dead Bodies, chiefly of them (as was conceived) Scattered in the Road.  We are waiting for further Accounts.  Elias came this Morning from Mr. Goddards — yesterday from Brookfield on foot.  Mr. Grosvenor rides down the Road with Resolution to See what he can, of the Present State.  The Select Men are at the Meeting House, preparing and distributing ammunition.  I catechized Boys (though but 16) a.m.  Dr. Langdon calls to see me in his Return from North Kingston and dines here.  P.M. Catechized little Girls — only 5 came.  It is a Day of so great Trouble that it swallows up People’s Thoughts.  Men are marching down toward Concord [amain?].  The News we have is very penetrating.  At Eve came Mr. Thomas Whitney, who had rid down as far as Charleston.  He has Seen the Sad Effects of hot Assaults and Skirmishes.  The Account that the Roads for a great way were strowed with dead Men, is confirmed.