April 22, 1775

1775 April 22 (Saturday).  Ripley comes in the Morning from Brookfield on Mr. Forbes’s Horse, I wrote by Ripley to Brother Champney at Cambridge, designing to find him out, for we know not where he is.  Breck has informed that he went out of Boston with his Wife, but knew not where he was going.  Woodstock and Pomfret Men are hastening down.  P.M. Adam Rice and a Number with him from the Parish of Amhirst, were here, hastening down.  Mr. Bowman of Oxford here — wants to Change but I am pre-engaged.  He was designed for Boston to get out a Friend from thence, but we hear that none are suffered to go out or go in to the unhappy Town.  He returns to go back to Sutton.  Mr. Grosvenor, we hear, tarrys at Cambridge, with his people of Grafton.  At Eve come a Number of Pomfret, viz. Edward Craft, Ephraim Herrick, Abner Allen, and Jonathan Sangor, of Capt. Zebadiah Ingols Company, and lodge here.  The Company stay at Deacon Woods.  Among many Stories which we hear, we understand that Marshfield is burnt.  The Times are more and more Calamitous.