April 17, 1775

1775 April 17 (Monday).  Ripley leaves us to go to Brookfield.  The Minute Men were entertained at Mr. Barnabas Newtons.  By his Invitation I was there with them.  They were invited by Southborough Soldiers to join with them to Day, as a Sermon was to be preached there.  They accordingly marched there.  I rode to the Exercise, and Mr. Fitch preached on Ps. 144.1.  To general good acceptance.  Marlborough minute Men were there in Arms also.  The Ministers were handsomely escorted to and from the Meeting House.  Two sergeants came after the Exercise and presented Mr. Fitch with upwards of Four Dollars for his Services, which he received, and they hastily returned to them that Sent them.  Mr. Stone and I walked out to see the Company’s.  I came home in safety.  D.G.