March 1, 1775

1775 March 1 (Wednesday).  Sophy and Hannah go to Capt. Edmund Brighams, and to Mr. Gales.  Mr. Stone — likewise Mr. Whitney, visit me, and dine here.  The former acquaints me with the Request from old south Church in Boston to Southborough Church to assist in Council, concerning the Removal of Rev. Bacon.  Mr. Whitney desires to Change; but I am not at Liberty by reason of Mrs. Eunice Rice’s Affair.  At Night our Girls return, accompanyed by Capt. Brigham.

March 3, 1775

1775 March 3 (Friday).  Mr. Charles Lawrence of Ashby came.  Dined here.  He paid me £100 old tenor and gave me a note of Hand for twenty two pounds ten shillings old tenor more, to be paid in a month.  Upon which I gave him a Deed of my 35 Acre Lot (or the 37 Acres and 80 Poles) in Ashby: and went with him to Squire Whipples, before whom I acknowledged it.  Squire Whipple informs me that Mr. Forbes is dismissed from Brookfield.  N.B. I delivered the money immediately to Breck to be sent to Samuel.

March 6, 1775

1775 March 6 (Monday).  Visited Mrs. Maynard (wife of Nathan junior) very ill of Fever.  Prayed with her.  Capt. Benjamin Fay and Mr. Batherick came with the Towns Request to go and pray with them at their Meeting.  I complyed, and after prayer gave them a brief Exhortation with my hearty wishes — according as these remarkable Times are.

March 7, 1775

1775 March 7 (Tuesday).  Visit old Mrs. Bruce, who is exceedingly Swelled with Dropsie.  Prayed with her.  P.M. Training.  N.B. had no word from Mr. Nath. Whitney about the private Meeting which should have been at his House to day.  So that I did not go.  I Suppose there is none.  Perhaps he is disgusted by reason of what was transacted at the late Church Meeting, at which the Church voted young Mrs. Harringtons Request, which implyed their holding Communion with the Walley society at Bolton; but I declared my not being able to administer to her under that Character.

March 8, 1775

1775 March 8 (Wednesday).  I rode to Shrewsbury to Mr. Sumners Lecture to the Minute-Men under the Command of Capt. Job Cushing.  Dined at Mr. Sumners.  Mr. Peter Whitney there.  Mr. Sumners Text was Josh. 22.22.  The Lord God of Gods etc.  I prayed after sermon.  Returning home I called at Mr. Gleasons, where were Joseph Harrington, John Harrington, Joseph Bond, and a number more, who rode with me part of the way home.  N.B. Cousen Maynard having watched with the Sick woman, came here in the Morning to Breakfast — also dined here.

March 10, 1775

1775 March 10 (Friday).  Visit Mrs. Maynard who is still very Sick.  Pray with her.  Went also to See Neighbour Nathan Kenny.  Spent some time separately, but was much interrupted by teaching Elias — also by (otherwise) a kind Visit of Mrs. Dolly Rice.  Town Meeting to Choose a Representative for the Congress at Cambridge, instead of Capt. Maynard.

March 12, 1775

1775 March 12 (Sunday).  I had engaged to change with Mr. Whitney, but Mr. Forbes being here I rode early to Northborough and prevented Mr. Whitneys coming.  I preached there a.m. on Isa. 22.12.  P.M. on v. 13.14 with the 12th.  At Eve returned home.  Unhappily found that there was disquietment with Mr. Forbes’s forenoon sermon.  The Text was Job 2.10.  When he was going to meeting in the afternoon Several persons stopped him by the Well: viz., Capt. Brigham, Mr. Andrews, Dr. Hawes, Select men; and many more.  Besides which Joseph Harrington and Ebenezer Chamberlin junior had been with him here in the House to talk with him.  A multitude gathered at the Well.  On his promising to explain himself from the Desk they would consent to his going into the Meeting House, except Some, who went home.  It was conceived he was faulty in saying that God is so the primary Cause of the Evils we suffer, as that we are not to dwell upon and find So much fault with second Causes or Instruments etc. etc.  My Family were in the Eve in much Trouble on Account of what had Occurred.  The P.M. Text was [blank].

March 13, 1775

1775 March 13 (Monday).  Mr. Forbes and my Daughter Set out on their Journey to Boston, designing to go to Mr. Pope, to consult him on her Sad Case, of her Breast.  Gin, their Negro Girl, rides in Mr. Elisha Forbes’s Waggon.  Capt. Ben. Fay here, and is in Disquietment with me, that I refuse to hold Communion with Mr. Walleys Church.  Goes away So, notwithstanding all my Endeavours to Satisfie him.  He being of the Committee to go in the Churchs name to Mr. Samuel Fay, I gave him an Extract from the Church Records for their Direction.  Mr. Belknap another of the Committee came — they go upon their Errand.


Several Companys train — Capt. Morse Sends to ask me to let ‘em train on my Clover: but they went into Neighbour Newtons Field, south of the Noon House.  Capt. Edmund Brighams Company as well as the other, Shew Arms.  N.B. I send to Mr. Daniel Gilbert of Brookfield his Book of the Judgment of Kingdoms and Nations etc. per Mr. Daniel Forbes junior.  Mr. Belknap, at his Return from Mr. S. Fay, calls here, and Acquaints me that the Committee had no Success with him, that he continued resolute he would not come to meeting unless we would find him an Horse instead of what he had lost.

March 15, 1775

1775 March 15 (Wednesday).  Elias indisposed for Study — but is about and goes to Mill with a Team, with about 9 Bush. of Rye, and 8 of Indian Corn.  Mr. Bradshaw came from his Fathers at Stoughtonham.  Mr. Fisher Ames from Dedham, and brings, together with a Letter from Mr. Gordon of Roxbury, his Thanksgiving Discourses,[1] and above 20 Books and Pamphlets.  One of which is Scudder’s daily walk etc.  Those young Gentlemen, after drinking Coffee, Set out on their Journey towards Brookfield etc.

[1]William Gordon, A Discourse Preached in the Morning of December 15th 1774 (Boston, 1775).  Evans 14,070.  ????

March 16, 1775

1775 March 16 (Thursday).  Public Fast (agreeable to the Recommendation of the Congress) on Consideration of the Times, and the Season of the Year.  A.M. delivered to p. 7, with various Alterations and additions, Sermon on 1 K. 8.57 and P.M. carryed on the Discourse, upon this Text, and the two next v. 58, 59, with new Composition.  May it please a Merciful and gracious God to Shew Mercy, and hear us in our Confessions and Supplications and bless the word to us!  N.B. Mrs. Eunice Rice’s Confession was read to the Congregation and she was restored to Charity.  I would render Thanks that this is got over without Quarrell.  After I was gone out of the Meeting House, Deacon Bond, the Town Clerk (previously requesting me that he might have Opportunity for it) read a Paper from a Number of Committees of Correspondence at and near Boston etc.

March 17, 1775

1775 March 17 (Friday).  The Town Met upon the Affair contained in the Paper last men[tioned?].  Nigh the Evening came a Number of the Committee of Correspondence, viz. Messrs. Daniel Forbes, Joseph Baker, Thomas Bond, and Joseph Harrington; to invite me to a Lecture to be preached at Worcester on the 28th instant to the County Congress.  Mr. Harrington tarries in the Eve and talks with Mrs. P________ on the uproar against Mr. Eli Forbes last Lords day.  Breck returned from Boston.  He came Via Concord, and brought his Brother Williams Daughter Lydia, though the roads are very Snowy.

March 19, 1775

1775 March 19 (Sunday).  A.M. on Heb. 12.2.  P.M. on Judg. 11.35 to p. 5.  Deacon Bond, old Mrs. Kelley, Miss Suse Brigham dined with us.  The Lords Supper was administered.  N.B. Mr. Batheric, and Eli Whitney went out.  Old Mr. Whitney, Capt. Jonas Brigham, Benjamin Tainter and Ebenezer Chamberlin junior were not at Meeting.  But I am informed that Mrs. Susan. Harrington (Eli’s Wife) was at Communion and yet I suppose it was on Account of her non-Admission, that Six members above mentioned absented themselves.

March 21, 1775

1775 March 21 (Tuesday).  He goes to Boston.  I rode to Southborough.  One Theodore Turner accompanys me part of the way.  He was enquiring after Asa Ware.  I dined at Mr. Stones.  Lt. Lyscombe of Brookfield there, and defends the People there in the Dismissing Mr. Forbes.  He says it was owing to Mr. Forbes’s desiring it, whereas he believes 3 4th of the Parish had rather he would have stayed.  And that it was Mr. Forbes’s Request that the Causes and Reasons might not be Searched into.  In my returning home I called to see old Mr. Gale, confined to his Bed, by the Rheumatism.  Prayed with him: also old Mrs. Forbush under her Cancer: and prayed with her.

March 22, 1775

1775 March 22 (Wednesday).  Dr. Hawes goes to the Provincial Congress at Cambridge.  A Second Letter from my Son Forbes at Boston, that his Wife has gone through a Second Dressing by the hard Plaister and “by appearance these two have en[crusted?] the Schirrous Tumor about 1/4 of an inch.  This dead mass must be separated from the live Flesh by digestive lenient Dressings before another hard Dressing is applyed: which will require a Week or ten Days.”

March 23, 1775

1775 March 23 (Thursday).  Write to Mr. Cushing by Mr. Joseph Perry of Ashburnham and inclose Mr. Lawrence’s Note of 3£ lawful Money and leave it at Dr. Hawes for him.  Visited old Mrs. Bruce, under the Dropsie, and her Grandson Asa Sick of a Fever — prayed with them.  Mr. Caleb Harrington raises an House near the End of my Beeton Field.

March 24, 1775

1775 March 24 (Friday).  In preparation for an intended Journey to Boston, was at Deacon Woods for some of his Wife’s Assistance.  Received another Letter from Mr. Forbes, dated the 20th (the Day before the last, which was the 21st) that “moment” whilst She was actually “under the painfull Operation of the 2d hard Plaister, and is as full of pain as She can well bear, though She endures (he writes) with more patience and fortitude than I feared.  The Doctor says all Things work very kindly, and he doubts not with the Blessing of God he shall be able to effect a Cure: but will require some time, at least two Months.  At present she is extremely agitated.  Last Night she had no sleep, and this Night (Sabbath 2 o’Clock) She has been much worse — but by the help of an Anodyne she gets a little sleep — hope She will be supported and carryed through — I am encouraged, but verily Sir, it is hard Work — and we hope in God.”  “Six o’Clock in the Morning.  We have got through the Night.  It has been pritty distressing, though through the great Goodness of God mine and your dear Molly has had several refreshing Naps of Sleep, and is now Comfortable — and does not expect to have any more of these hard Plaisters for a Week or ten Days, and I hope the worst is past.  However, Sufficient to the Day is the Evil thereof.”

March 27, 1775

1775 March 27 (Monday).  My Son William and his Daughter Lydia here, but intends to return to Concord to day.  Mrs. P________ and I undertake our Journey to Boston.  We had Mr. Tainters Horse and Chaise.  Called at Mr. Stones and desired him if he should be sent for by those concerned, to attend the Funeral of old Mrs. Bruce, who dyed on the 26th, aged 88 and one Day.[1]  We called at Col. Buckminsters and were well refreshed.  At Brother Browns, at Mrs. Goddards, at Capt. Brewers.  Put up and lodged at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury.

[1]Not in Westborough Vital Records or in Southborough Vital Records.  Her husband, Lt. Bruce, died Dec. 2, 1774, “nigh 81” (death not in WVR).

March 28, 1775

1775 March 28 (Tuesday).  We ride into Boston, though ‘tis Said the Small Pox spreads.  Went to Mrs. Holbrooks.  Put up at Bracketts: hastened to Samuels to see Mrs. Forbes.  She was under the lenient Plaister — was calm and easy.  I saw the sore dressed.  Mr. Forbes, Samuel and I dined at Squire Shaws, being invited there to eat Moose, which was brought from Goldsborough.  P.M. Visit my Brother and prayed with him — Mr. Coverly, Cousen Oliver, Capt. Bradford, who is Sick — Mrs. Tyler, who has had a fit of Sickness, and is grown sober — visit also sister Rebecca and her Neeces, Jarvis’s.  Lodged at Samuels.

March 29, 1775

1775 March 29 (Wednesday).  Went to Mr. Hicks’s Printing Office; presents me with a Register.  Viewed the K’s Troops marching up School street, and went up to their parade.  Visit Mrs. Surcomb.  Dined at my Kinsmans, Elias, in Cornhil, his Wife had newly laid in.  P.M. Visit Dr. Mather — return to Samuels.  Mrs. Forbes has Comfort, and is cheerfull.  We lodged there.

March 30, 1775

1775 March 30 (Thursday).  In the early Morning there was a noise of 4 Regiments marching out of Town, under Earl Piercy.  And because every body was ignorant of the Design, all were full of Conjectures.  The most imagined they were bound to Concord, to disperse the Congress sitting there, or to Challenge the Stores, laid up in the Court House.  But after a short Space, the Mistery was disclosed.  They turned toward Dedham, and after about 5 mile march to Jamaica Plain, they returned.  Went to Mr. Quincy’s, and to Lecture.  Mr. Lathrop preached on Heb. 12.16.  Esau sold his Birthright.  N.B. Dr. Mather delivered me a letter from himself concerning the Troubles in Westborough.  Dined at Samuels.  P.M. we left Boston.  Stopped at the House of Mr. Daniel Whitney — and having visited my Cousen Loyd (who boards at Capt. Barnards), lodged there (at Whitneys).  N.B. his F. Capt. Daniel Whitney dyed about 5 weeks agoe.