April 23, 1775

1775 April 23 (Sunday).  The said Soldiers, having eat Breakfast here, left us; and two more came, viz. Appleton Osgood and Joseph Bowman from the Same Town, and had Breakfast among us.  I rode to Northborough.  At the Widow Martyns a multitude from South Hadley marching to Cambridge.  I gave them (the soldiers) a Serious Exhortation and Caution.  Preached a. and P.M. on Prov. 18.10.  May a gracious God add His efficacious Blessing!  Mr. Whitney preached for me a. and P.M. on 1 Cor. 7.29.30.  In my returning at Eve I went to Mr. Bass’s who having come up lately from Cambridge might be able to advise me as to the Method of getting my Son Samuel and his Wife and Children, or my Brother, out of Boston.  But he assured me there was no Such Thing could be done; as to go in or come out.  N.B. Mrs. Spring and her Children lodge here ever since her Husband went to Cambridge.  Neighbour B. Newton who went down with a Wagon with necessarys for the People who are gone with all haste (by the Will of God) to the Resistance against the King’s [illegible] Parliament, Forces, returned this Evening.